Best National Parks in Utah

Are you traveling to Utah soon and are short on time? Here are some must see places for a long weekend or week long vacation:

Cappadocia in One Day.

It's very possible if you are short on time to visit Cappadocia in one day and it is one of my favorite places in the world now. There is a laid back vibe about it that's awesome. It's not a very big area specifically for the tourist sights. You will probably fly in late or in the middle of the day, pick up your rental car and drive from the airport to Goreme. 

Taj Mahal Visit

If you are like me you and you always want to get great photos and enjoy the sights as well then you'll want to read the tips below before you visit the Taj Mahal. All these super popular sights are always crowded and that sometimes takes the wow factor away. Going into Agra I was so excited because finally I was there. I was going to cross off this world wonder from my bucket list! 

It was a very early morning from Jaipur to Agra and when that alarm came on I literally jumped out of bed and into the shower. I organized a day trip from Jaipur to Agra mainly because of how my India itinerary posted here was structured. It worked out great because you can sight see in Agra for one day and it will be enough. Bonus point is that you can ask the driver to make stops on your way back to Jaipur.

I Didn't Like Egypt! Here's Why

When I was planning this trip I was excited. First to travel to an African country and second to see as much as I could of the country. I had read reviews about people generally not loving Egypt but I said to myself how bad could it be. It was BAD! Starting with Cairo it's a city I hope to never set foot on again.

5 Great Stairmaster Workouts

I have put together a list of what I think are quick and efficient workouts on the stairmaster. As always make sure you pay attention to your body and consult a doctor to ensure that you stay healthy.

If you are looking for a great workout and weight loss as well try the workouts below:

  1. 30 Minute Stairmaster HIIT Workout. I love this workout because it eases you in and because I have actually done it and I designed it. You will leave feeling like a superstar!
  2. 32 Minute Stairmaster that targets belly fat. This workout from Livestrong will get your heart pumping.

India One Week Itinerary

Traveling to India for a week involves serious planning if you are like me and don't want to miss anything. Like I always say I have a few vacation days and I try to spread them as best as I can to maximize my time. You have to work with what you've got. My itinerary for this trip looks like it was rushed but it didn't feel rushed. I loved my time in India.

Tips for planning to India:

One Week in the Philippines

You may think that one week is too short and yes it is. The Philippines has so much to explore and you can squeeze a lot into a week but if you can go longer do it. If you read my blog posts then you already know that I try to squeeze as many destinations as I can every year given the few vacation days I have. So if you work a 9-5 like me this is for you and you can find other destinations here on the blog.

The total for this trip was approximately $1,451.54. I like stating numbers to the penny, makes it more believable. This includes flights and hotels. You will need to fly interisland because there are so may islands to explore in the Philippines. There is so much information out there on traveling to the Philippines so whichever island you want to visit information is easily available. I recommend that you travel now because the Philippines is quickly becoming the next Bali and you want to experience it before it becomes too touristy.