My name is Shiru pronounced 'she row' and I love life. I am slowly discovering the joy of traveling and I'm also discovering that I am good at planning short vacations. So together with my friends and family we have been traveling the world one country at a time. I hope you enjoy my stories and if you do please share.

I read a book "The Alchemist" not too long ago about discovering 'Your Personal Legend'. This has been my quest. There is no straight path or simple answer to discovering who you are and what you are mean't to be. That is why my blog is not straight cut. It is about all things me as I try to discover who I am and what my personal legend is.

I chose the name 'Listening is Loving' after watching the movie "Hector And The Search For Happiness." To love someone is to truly open yourself up and let them in. Giving someone you love your undivided attention especially in this times when we are all glued to our phones and truly hearing them even without them having to speak is so important. It is the very foundation of any relationship you have. Everyone wants to be heard because everyone has something special about themselves to share.

Sometimes you  may need to listen to a stranger. You may help them or you may find yourself being helped by them. I may be a stranger to you or you may know me personally. In any case thank you for listening and giving a few minutes of your time.

I hope you enjoy my musings and thank you for reading.


  1. Hello, I really like your article http://www.lifehack.org/308912/these-10-habits-mean-youre-likable-person I have special plea for you.
    I would like to share it with my friends in my country, I speak Czech, most people here do not know English. I would like to translate your article and use it on my website if you allow me. I will give you credit, include your name and link to your webpage. Anyways, thank you for your article and your answer.
    Have a good day!

  2. Hi yes can use it, please include my name and my blog. Listeningisloving.blogspot.com.


  3. Hi! I just found you on Lifehack (where I also write), and have been enjoying your blog! My name is Bethany Rosselit. I blogged for years at http://ourjourneytoithaca.com (and I still update there occasionally), and I have recently started http://onlinetherapyandcoaching.org.

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    The calendar is sold for a $1 donation on my blog, and the proceeds go toward helping to finance a Kiva loan (the updates from the loan will be shared on my website) to someone in a third world country. Your participation in the project will get you exposure, as well as a chance to give back.

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