3 Day Tour From San Pedro Atacama to Salar De Uyuni

I think the first thing I must note here is that you MUST book with a tour agency. It is absolutely necessary if you are going to do the trek from either Chile to Bolivia (like we did) or from Bolivia to Chile. Your point of origin will depend on where you arrived. We flew to Chile direct from New York so we knew we would start in San Pedro.

Here are the details:
Arrive - Chile very early in the morning. We flew into Santiago at about 5 in the morning. I didn't want to waste the day so I booked a walking tour. Leave your bags at the airport. There is a service offered here that let's you leave you bags for a fee. Take an uber/taxi into Santiago.

Do - A free walking tour through Spicy Chile Tours. We did the morning Santiago tour and it was a great introduction to Chile. We started in the heart of Santiago and walked through the various points of interest. It was one of the best things we did.

Fly to Calama - After a whole day of walking we went back to the airport for our flight to Calama. From Calama you will have to take a bus to San Pedro Atacama. It is an hour or so depending on where your hotel is. You can reserve a spot here.

Stay -  In San Pedro we stayed at Hotel Cumbres. This place is pricey but it was the best decisions we made to stay here because when you start the drive to Uyuni you will not have any of the luxuries you are accustomed to. Bathrooms, electricity, hot water, wifi etc will not be available to you during the three days. You will be in car with five other people plus the driver so getting spoiled a little before is advisable. We loved our stay and if we ever go back we will stay here longer. On the night we were there they had a barbecue night and it was some of the best meat I have ever had. The beds, the ambiance, the rooms everything just felt right.
Doing yoga at the hotel

Tour - We booked with World White Travel. I recommend them 100%. From when I booked the communication was great. On the night we arrived in San Pedro we came in later than anticipated. Rather than assume we were a no show they contacted me via whatsapp and we were able to organize everything over the phone. Also they were so patient with us. The driver that we had - Felix was awesome!! Your driver can make or break your tour. This guy was awesome. When the trip ended and we had to wait for our flight in Uyuni they let us leave our bags at the office, use their wifi and just chill. They even called the airline for us.



Lastly but not least enjoy yourself. We were lucky that the group that we had for the tour was great. In-fact we will be visiting them next year in Germany. When you spend an entire three days with people you get to know them at least on some level you know if you would like to spend time with them. It was so funny that when the tour ended we still hung out until we had to part ways for the airport.

Listening is loving...

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