Juice Cleanse Series - Week 1 Journal

Day 1
I started my morning with a weigh in and yikes my weight is up. I then had some hot water with lemon to set up my stomach for the day.
I had my first juice for breakfast and it was oh so good quite refreshing.
My second juice was just as good. I drunk water in between my juices. Remember you have to drink half your weight in water.
I took a yoga class and I was feeling okay until some point in the afternoon I had a strange headache. I say strange because it wasn't a full blown headache but rather one of those headaches that seem to be in the background so you have some discomfort.
Then my stomach started acting up and I was super bloated. The noises it was making were not normal at all. I wasn't hungry and the bloated feeling did not go away. It was so bad I couldn't suck in my stomach. I looked pregnant.
Below is how my juicing goes. I put everything I need in little containers depending on what the recipe is and then I juice.

Day 2
I woke up hungry which is probably normal. But I am down 4 pounds. Must be water weight but hey I'll take it. Also when I woke up my sense of smell was so acute it was quite strange. Anyways I'm feeling okay just a little sluggish.
It's in the late evening and I am super bloated, I can hardly zip up. Is this how I'm supposed to be feeling??? Hopefully tomorrow is better. The noises my stomach is making are not good at all.
Interestingly I am not as hungry as I thought I would be. I only had five juices today instead of the six I had planned.

Day 3
Woke up feeling super rested. This morning I am hungry, I can't wait to start on my juices but first my warm water with lemon. I am down 2 pounds today.
I'm starting to think it's always good to start with a juice you enjoy. I don't particularly love the kale ones so I am putting those off to midday and trying to finish with the juices I like also.
So far so good. I do not feel bloated today. I had a yoga class and I felt so light on my hands and feet.

Day 4
Nothing new to report still going strong. I cheated a little but it was due to unavoidable circumstances.

Day 5
I made it to day 5 whoa. I am down 0.4 pounds today, feeling okay nothing unusual.
By mid afternoon I was starting to feel the effects of my cheating the previous day. My stomach started making those noises again.

Day 6 - 7
I haven't been hungry as I would have expected. I went for hot yoga on the weekend both days. For the week I was down a total of 6.4 pounds. I am very happy. I'm going to keep doing it for as long as I feel healthy.

Listening is loving...

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