Juice Cleanse Series - Cost and Preparation Time

As I had mentioned in this post I plan to do a juice cleanse/fast for the next two weeks. Basically I will be a vegetarian for the next couple of weeks. Yikes!!! I love my meat but two weeks (or more) won't kill me. My goal is to lose weight.

Yesterday which happened to be a Sunday I went to the grocery store to get my juice supplies. My juicer also came in the mail, thank you two day shipping from Amazon!!! : ) and I also got a 6 pack of 16oz bottles for my juices.

I had planned to use a local juicery but it became quickly evident that it would not be cost effective. At about $39  per day it would cost me around $546 for 14 days. So I went shopping yesterday and got what I needed.

My costs were as follows:
Fixed Cost Breville JE98XL Juicer  $               148.95
Fixed Cost 6 Pack of 16 oz Bottles  $                 14.95
Variable Cost Fruits  & Vegetables - approx 4 days   $                 55.54

As you can see even with my having to buy the juicer the cost isn't half of what it would be if I bought the juices from a juicery. If my average cost is $55 for 4 days then it would be around $200 for the whole cleanse which would still be cheaper than a juicery : ).
Plus if you can spend $55 for 4 days worth of food that's a win in my book.

After buying my supplies I went home and prepped my fruits and vegetables. The preparation is really fast because with this juicer you do not need to cut up your fruits and vegetables if they can fit. The process is simple and the juicer came assembled which is a win because I do not like assembling anything! It took an average of five minutes per bottle for my juices. Just wash and juice. The clean up was fast as well. I had watched videos on youtube and it was as really quick and efficient as the videos I watched.

Below are photos of my juicer and my juices. I also took a picture of my weight and tomorrow I will update you on how day 1 went.


As always thanks for reading.

Listening is loving...

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