South America Itinerary: Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile

Hi guys, so we are heading back to South America soon and we are super excited. The last time we went was one of the first destinations we ever went to and suffice to say we were novices. Armed with a little more experience we are now headed back with a few tricks in our pockets.

Here is our fourteen day itinerary to South America. First it is important to note that this is not a cheap itinerary. While I think that it is one of the inexpensive ones it is by no means cheap. We will be spending at least $3,000 each between flights, hotels, visas and tours. I have always said that when I travel I like to be comfortable which means hostels are out. Also air bnb is a great option but I also like that hotel treatment especially for the duration that we normally go for. However for what we get I think it is a bargain.

It is expensive to travel between countries in South America because airlines are not cheap. I searched and searched for budget airlines and I got some bargains but compared to Europe for example it is on the expensive side. You could get a cheaper itinerary if you have time on your side but seeing as time has always been our most costly resource we have to settle for air travel verses bus travel which is a lot cheaper.

Anyways here we go:
Day 1
Fly overnight from Boston to Santiago Chile
Day 2
Arrive Santiago early morning explore
Fly to Calama in the afternoon and then drive to San Pedro
Day 3
Start 3-day tour of Salar de Uyuni from San Pedro
Day 4
Fly from Uyuni to Santa Cruz
Day 5
Fly from Santa Cruz to Rio de Janeiro
Day 6 – Day 8
Day 9
Fly from Rio de Janeiro to Iguazu and explore Brazil side of the falls
Day 10
Argentina Iguacu explore Argentina side of the falls
Day 11
Fly from Iguacu to Buenos Aires
Day 12
Buenos Aires
Day 13
Fly from Buenos Aires to Santiago
Day 14
Cajon del Maipo
Last Day
Wine tour and more exploration of Santiago. Return home night flight.

We hope to enjoy these countries and hope to get the most out of this trip. If you have any suggestions/tips feel free to put them down below in the comments.

Listening is loving...

Images from: Atacama, Uyuni, ChristRedeemer, Tango, Cajon del Maipo, Escadaria, Wine Tour, Copocabana, Iguazu

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