Four Day Weekend Getaway To Mexico

Have you ever needed a break from life? Like you needed to literally step out of your life and go somewhere different for a few days. Well that's exactly what we did. I had some miles on my card and I called the boyfriend on a particularly long day at work and said, "Can you get Friday and Monday off?" He said yes and the rest is history.

I booked a flight out to Cancun using my miles and then went on and found an all inclusive resort for the weekend. All inclusive is so hustle free and that's what I needed for this trip. I didn't go to sight see or any of that touristy stuff. I wanted a weekend that I could relax and be waited on hand and foot and that is exactly what we got.

We stayed at the Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya. The people there were AMAzing I mean we had a great time. I just needed to raise my glass up and I had a fresh one in my hand. If you have ever done an all inclusive you know that it's easy to get spoiled. The resort is very well maintained and the facilities are great. If we were not at the pool, we were sleeping off the buzz in our room. Just what we needed.

The resort had various restaurants so depending on what you were in the mood for you went there. If you wanted to eat by the beach then you went to the restaurant at the beach. If you wanted fine dining then that's what you went for. Enough talking, I'll let the photos do the talking.

 Driving into the resort

So well maintained.
Yoga must be done everywhere. I just had to even before we got to our room.

Changed up and ready for the beach but first yoga because pinchas are best done after a cool margarita : ).
 The resort directory said this was the beach bar and the reggae bar!!! What? The Kenyan in me hightailed it there.

As you can tell we arrived late in the evening that Thursday but no worries we were going to enjoy ourselves no matter what.
After a few drinks we headed back to shower and change for dinner.
 Woke up bright and early for a lovely day.

 Because pool volley ball!!!

 More yoga.

I craved some adrenaline after three days of bumming like villains so we went to Xplor and that was exactly what we got.

Honestly this was exactly the type of weekend we craved. You could obviously do more but we wanted to chill and do nothing.

As always listening is loving...

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