Be Generous

Generosity is one of those things that is difficult to learn especially as an adult. We are not naturally inclined to be generous. Generous people are usually born that way. Have you ever seen a child playing with their toys. They usually don't want to share them instinctively. Usually after a while they do but it is not their first instinct. So trust me when I say that generosity is not easy.

However I think about things people have done for me whether it's my family or my friends and I thank God for how much of a blessing they have been. You see when people do things for you that have a lasting impact it become sort of like a gift that keeps giving. You are inspired to extend the same act of kindness to another person. If not inspired you feel some obligation to do the same because it has been done for you. To pay it forward so to speak.

The kindness of strangers makes me teary. I travel frequently and so I meet people from all walks of life. Their extension of themselves has a lasting impact. When someone you don't know takes time out of their day to help you or even spend a little time just talking to you they leave a lasting impression. 

Really that is the goal for today. To be generous with our time and resources. To pour ourselves out to other people. The only way you leave a permanent mark in the world is when you share yourself with people. This may be donating your time in your community, donating your money in a cause that will help someone, donating something that you know someone somewhere will need. Generosity looks different for different people. However it has the capability of transforming and changing lives.

I hope you have a great day today. Smile at someone, that in itself is an act of generosity.

Listening is loving...

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