Be Patient

Patience is one of the hardest things to exercise especially in an era of instant gratification. We are a generation of everything instant. We sometimes don't even care about the quality of what we get as long as we get it. We sacrifice the best and settle for mediocre because we lack patience.

The challenge today is one that requires a certain level of maturity. If you have ever watched a toddler they will scream and rant because they want what they want now. They do not have the capacity yet to wait. To be still. There is a certain level of discipline that comes with patience. You show up everyday for what you want, you do the work and you make small strides in the direction you want.
Patience is a virtue that recognizes that the reward of the wait is greater than the agonizing time you have to put in, sometimes not knowing if the desired outcome is guaranteed. It is knowing that whatever you are nurturing, mentoring, working towards is worthwhile.
Nothing worthwhile comes easy. It requires patience, determination and hard work.

Listening is loving

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