Be Fair

I think it is easy to forget to see people for who they are. To really look at someone and really see them. Sometimes we have misconceptions of people. We form opinions about people before we even get to know them. Remember the expression about 'walking a mile in my shoes before you judge me'. It fits in today's challenge. It is so important to see a person for their journey. We may not understand it but it really is not up to us.

Often I have a preconceived notion of who a person is. I look at them and immediately judge them not really knowing what their story is. Most of the time my rush unfounded opinion of who they are has been completely off. When I travel I meet people who throw me off completely. The way they dress, the way they carry themselves causes me to categorize them and immediately group them in a certain 'box' so to speak. Only to talk to them and find that fundamentally we are so similar. We have the same issues, we like or dislike the same things and yet looking at us we couldn't be more different.

On the other hand with my family and friends I am too critical. I have expectations and don't you dare let me down! Who made me the queen of expectations? When did I create this imaginary bar that they have to pass? It causes unnecessary friction because if we fail to understand one another, to be fair then there is no harmony.

Lastly I think it's hard to be fair to ourselves. To put yourself first. To pick you. To prioritize yourself. We give to others but we never give to ourselves. Start choosing you. Strike a balance.

Listening is loving....

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  1. Great story, and so true, thnx for sharing. Yes we usually judge others without knowing their journey it's much better to try to understand. I think that emphaty is something we should work on.