Japan 10 Day Itinerary On a Budget! Yes It Is Possible!

Planning for Japan is daunting. The language barrier and the numerous blogs all saying that Japan is expensive made it even more of a challenge for me to make sure I planned a good vacation that we would enjoy and that would remain affordable.

A few of my friends have asked me Japan? Why? The culture in Japan and the juxtapose between the new and the old makes it such an attractive destination. As usual I started doing my research and now I cannot wait to go (look at the photos I saw on various sites and understand why I want to go). I don't have a lot of vacation time to spare so I will try to squeeze as much as I can into this trip.

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Travel expenses so far are $1,887.24 which includes flights, train passes and accommodation.

First things first was deciding on a route and I used various blogs and websites to design this route. My favorite one was www.way-away.com/japan. I usually spend tonnes of hours reading about other people's experiences when I am planning these trips.

So anyways our itinerary is as follows and we will be going in the fall (a shoulder season) which happens to be exactly one month away!!!

Day 1 Arrive in Tokyo.
Since we will be too late to take the train which is okay because our Japan Rail Pass mentioned below is only for 7 days works in our favor we will spend one night in Tokyo. I plan on walking around and absorbing Tokyo's energy.

Day 2 - 4 All things Kyoto
In the morning we begin this wonderful journey to Kyoto where we will also do a day trip to Nara. After 3 wonderful days of exploring temples, the bamboo forest, shrines, Gion the geisha town we will head out to our next destination.


As seen on http://amongraf.ro/19-reasons-to-love-japan-an-unforgettable-travel-destination/

Day 5 Hiroshima and Miyojima
We will have slept in Hiroshima on day 4 when we arrive late from Kyoto. The plan is to wake up bright and early to explore which will also include an afternoon in Miyojima.

As seen on http://amongraf.ro/19-reasons-to-love-japan-an-unforgettable-travel-destination/

Day 6 Hakone & Mt Fuji
Head out to Hakone to experience some wonderful onsens (hot springs), see mount Fuji hopefully and also take a cruise on Lake Ashi. I plan to book Hakone Yuryos for the private baths and great ambience. Onsens are hot baths that are popular in Japan and the water is sourced from natural hot springs. The goal is to relax and revitalize.

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As seen on http://amongraf.ro/19-reasons-to-love-japan-an-unforgettable-travel-destination/

Day 7 Takayama
Head out to Takayama. I'm excited about Takayama because we get to experience a Ryokan. It is easily the most we spent on accommodation so I hope it's worth it. Fingers crossed. Also this city and the next two are old Japan and I'm looking forward to seeing and experiencing the culture there.

Day 8 Shirakawago and Kanazawa
Head out to Shirakawago and Kanazawa before taking the last bullet train out of Kanazawa to Tokyo.

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Day 9 - 10 Tokyo
Wake up in Tokyo wuhu. I'll honestly say that I am apprehensive about Tokyo because I feel like it's just another big city but after reading various blogs I can't help but hope to be surprised. I plan on atleast walking in Shibuya and taking a day trip to Nikko.

As seen on http://amongraf.ro/19-reasons-to-love-japan-an-unforgettable-travel-destination/

Day 11 Go home.

I mentioned the Japan Rail Pass above, it is the only thing that is a must to buy if you plan on traveling from Tokyo to other cities which we are. There is a caveat that you have to purchase it before you go to Japan. So I did for $265. This varies with the exchange rate. After getting the passes I worked on a schedule through grace.hyperdia.com and I plan to use this to make reservations once I arrive in Tokyo through the JPR offices.

I found a great deal for our tickets which cost us $737.85. This could actually have been cheaper as flights dropped a little.

Then I worked on getting accommodation which cost us $884.39. Trip advisor is really the best site and also people's blogs on their experiences. The hotels I booked are all 3 star plus and I booked a Ryokan that has a private Onsen with one of the 7 course meals included in Takoyama which as you will see when you start planning is super expensive if you are looking for a great experience.

I will update this post with cost of Food, Temples, Subway etc when we come back. I'm sure I will be keen to keep costs down.

I am praying that this trip is a success, and as always I'm leaving it to God's will.

Look out for my post trip updates.

As always listening is loving...

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