Spoken For

I have always associated this phrase "spoken for" with my relationship with God. My heart is spoken for. Above all else my soul is spoken for. This relationship is the one constant in my life.

Anyways that is not the point of this post. This phrase "spoken for" got me thinking about relationships. Am I spoken for? What does it mean to be spoken for in a relationship setting? What does it look like?

To be spoken for implies the relinquishing of a very personal thing. The act of speaking for yourself. It also implies implicit trust where you expect that when someone "speaks" for you, they will not violate that trust. That they will respect you and whatever you stand for. You would also expect that whatever they say or portray out there is a representation of a unit.

A Week in Bali - Day 1

First up is Ubud. You cannot got to Bali and not go to Ubud. This is where you will experience the real Bali. Even after the book "Eat, Pray and Love" Ubud still remains unspoiled.
We stayed at The Sankara Ubud Resort and Spa. We spend three days here and used it as a base for the various places we went to.

Bali Travel Guide

Traveling has become an all time favorite thing for me to do. When I'm not super busy I'm usually scouting out the next destination. I always get asked 'how do you afford it?' The answer is simple. It is a priority in my life right now so I find ways to afford it.

I heard someone say that all their life they saved for a rainy day and then one day they woke up and thought "What am I doing with my life?" "What interesting thing have I done lately?" Traveling changes you and so she started to travel and one day she realized that the rainy day had never come. That she was able to do the things she loved and still managed to put something away for that rainy day because you never know. So stop waiting for your rainy day and start living.