The Still Small Voice Kind of Faith

Today as I was reading my bible I came across the first miracle ever in the book of Acts chapter 3 and I paused realizing that I have become a cynical Christian without even realizing it. Not a non believer but one who has seen life and the harshness reality brings with it. Sometimes the miracle doesn't come the way we expect it so I have become an 'experienced' Christian not quite starry eyed.
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So in my meditation I said to God, "I don't know if I like this kind of grandiose God". This surprised me. I thought of a verse I had read the previous day about the second coming when the sun would turn to darkness and the moon to blood pause --> cue horror movie right?! : ). I don't know if I like the big miracles and the God that comes with thunder and darkness. I think I prefer the still small reassuring voice of God that I am used to.

Why I asked myself was I limiting God to this God of essentially small expectations? Have I narrowed my view of life or has my faith decreased. The answer to both questions is a resounding no. However I have read, witnessed or heard of stories of people slowly dying because of diseases like ALS or cancer. Where the healing never came and yet their faith never dwindled or wavered. In many cases it increased. I can't fully wrap my head around this because I haven't suffered like that but when you see things like this it jades you. It makes you question miracles, their timing and if they will favor you in your season of need.

I guess my preference for this still small voice kind of God is because it seems like a more intimate relationship. It's the everyday relationship I think we all have with God that has its ups and downs. Where there are days we can't put together a sentence in prayer because we are worn down and yet the presence of God is always there and unwavering.

Believing in a big miracle kind of God scares me because it requires big faith. Trusting God for the big stuff is scary because the let down would be so much bigger. If we can trust him with the small things then we can trust him with the big stuff. I have to let go of my pride and accept that whatever the answer is that God is the author and finisher of our faith and essentially our lives. It will be well no matter what.

In the grand scheme of things I realize also that it's not about me. That one day I will need the grandness of God in my life just as I need the quiet. I believe that miracles happen everyday when the situations in our lives that are hopeless are turned around with new life. So wherever you find yourself today turn to God and accept Him in all His forms. His ways are not our ways and certainly not our thoughts his thoughts.

Listen is loving...

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