Fun Workout - Loose Weight, Break A Sweat and Enjoy Yourself

Month 1 of The Body Project -  Getting Fit, Toned & Loving Our Bodies
Hey guys I decided to do a fitness challenge to see if I can achieve my body goals. I know it's a little late if you are trying to get that summer body but hey a great body is for life so might as well start now.

The goal here is to loose some weight, tone up, get fit and mostly to love the bodies we are in. So if you are interested please follow along for the first month which is June and let's see if we can improve together. I don't want to make this into one of those grueling challenges. I want to enjoy working out and seeing results. As a disclosure I am not a fitness expert by any means, I'm just a girl trying to get fit.

Make sure you eat well, get 7-8 hours of sleep and drink plenty of water remember the 80% 20% rule. Follow me on instagram @shiruyoga and each week take a photo and/or weigh in to have a tracker for your progress. You can post photos and tag #eatworkwin, #fitnesschallenge.

The goal is to get a great workout and to also enjoy yourself. Push yourself and keep it fun. I am not a fitness expert so listen to your body.

Listening is loving...

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