If You Walk In The Footprints of Others You Won't Leave Your Own

I am sure by now we have all heard the phrase 'As you think so you are'. Now before you read further this is not some motivational post or a write up on self help. It's a post on self reflection about what we find ourselves preoccupied with. What are you constantly finding your mind veering to? 

Grasslands by Ryan McGuire

It occurred to me the other day that a person's thoughts show their background, their upbringing, their priorities, their self awareness and their level of maturity. Have you ever heard someone talking and you were totally baffled by the words they were spewing out of their mouths? You couldn't identify with them at any level. Not is a snobby way but really when you consider their age and stage in life you can't connect the boxes between what they talk about and what you would ordinarily expect

I often find myself listening to people's conversations especially on my train rides to and from work. I can't help but observe how different people are and how a person's words can immediately shape my estimation and impression of them. It's uncanny how low our opinions of others can go based on snippets of conversations that we happen to eavesdrop on.  The opposite is true, we happen to hear someone discussing something and we form this image of who they are and we wouldn't mind knowing a little more. 

So what's the point of this post? Well I've been challenging myself to be progressive in how I think and ultimately how I speak. It's really a matter of being intentional in my thinking and not letting society or people shape my thoughts too much. Ultimately we are always influenced by the environment we find ourselves in. However for us to leave our marks, something that will distinguish us from the rest of humanity we have to go against the grain. We have to challenge the norm and status quo in our lives. We cannot be passive speactators of our own lives simply waking up everyday and just going with it.

This is a hard task. It requires that we change ourselves and choose to be influenced by things that we would ordinarily not notice. It also requires that we let go of traditional metrics of success or sense of achievement. To be different means that we don't conform. We choose a path that doesn't have footprints created by another person, rather we leave fresh and original footprints.

If you are finding yourself thinking about the same old things that have not yielded a different result perhaps it's time to go about it a different way. Dare to take risks, dare to speak out things that sound ludicrous. You never know who is listening. I find idle talk tedious and I have often been told I am quiet but the thought of talking about pointless old over discussed and over debated topics is just draining. Let's talk about things that will lead to growth, that will promote self reflection and ultimately that will cause real and necessary change. I hope for productive conversations that provide illumination on things that we haven't even begun to imagine.

Listening is loving...

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