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Hi everyone. This is a simple post on how you can travel to Greece and the Greek Isles without breaking the Bank. Greece is perfect for honeymooners, travelers and people looking to party in Mykonos.

I always thought that this would be a honeymoon destination but seeing as we have not progressed to that  stage of our lives we decided to go anyways. Why? Because there is so much to see and with some planning you can afford to go anywhere without feeling the pressure and without having to travel as a backpacker. As I said here on traveling to Europe, I have nothing against backpackers but traveling with some additional comfort is a must for me.

Here is the break down. Greece can get expensive because everyone wants to go there. There is a little and a lot of everything depending on what you are looking for so its a popular destination.


One Week

Flights: $779.40
Wow Air Boston to London  $         191.50
Easy-jet London to Athens  $           68.48
Aegean Airlines Santorini to France  $         169.12
Wow Air France to Boston  $         350.30
Total  $         779.40

The flight from France to Boston was super expensive. I think there was some kind of holiday coming back that weekend. You can't win them all : (. You could probably score a lower price.

Ferry: $148.99
I used this website. Don't believe everything you read on TripAdvisor. The ferry was super convenient. We booked Hellenic Seaways. Please pay the extra for VIP/Business class. You will thank me later.

Hellenic Seaways Athens to Mykonos  $    69.09
Hellenic Seaways Myknons to Santorini  $    79.90
Total  $  148.99

Accommodation: $735.24
1 day  Athens  Fresh Hotel (included breakfast)  $       65.50
3 days  Mykonos  Andronikos Hotel Drafaki (breakfast)  $     242.15
4 days  Santorini  Bellonias Villas (breakfast)  $     427.59
 Total   $     735.24

The hotel in Athens was close to everything and we could even see the Acropolis from the rooftop bar where we lounged for drinks.

Andronikos in Mykonos was a big bargain. They had welcome drinks on arrival and their hospitality was just awesome! The breakfast spread was great anything and everything you can think of. They even gave us a bottle of wine because it was my birthday!

Bellonias in Santorini was in one word perfect! We enjoyed everything about this place. We chose not to stay in Fira or Oia because the cost was just not worth it. We weren't on our honey moon so I just couldn't justify paying so much extra when there were better options to pick from.

Tour: $100
We spent one night in Athens and did a private half day tour of Athens the following day with PK travels. This was the only tour we did on this trip. It was well worth it because we didn't want to spend our extremely short time in Athens. In my opinion unless you love archaeology and that kind of stuff a half day tour is enough.

The driver picked us up from hotel and we went to The Acropolis, The Temple of Zeus, The Panathenaic Stadium, The Hill of Lycabettus, The Old Palace, The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier & The Changing of The Guards, The Catholic Cathedral and The Neoclassical Trilogy. 

The driver dropped us off at the port in Rafina where we took the ferry to Mykonos. I have come to discover that where there is a will, there is a way. So do you research and you will find that you can go anywhere without needing tour groups or things of that nature.

In Mykonos we ate at Mama Louka on the night of my birthday and rented an ATV to visit various places like Kiki's which is a must go for a great view and great food at super cheap prices. There are no reservations so when you get there enjoy the complimentary wine and wait the long line. Strike up a conversation with a stranger and make a friend.
Also in Santorini we enjoyed various restaurants along the ocean and the hotel located in the villas we stayed at. The chef actually came to say hi which was awesome. We enjoyed breakfast every morning on the beach which was complimentary.

Below is a photo story by destination.
You don't need to spend a lot of time here. A day of sightseeing is enough.

 A view of Athens.

This guy apparently run the first marathon.

The Acropolis at night.


 Above is the restaurant I mentioned. Kiki's. The owners are amazing and you will never find a restaurant with this kind of view for the prices. There are beautiful beach spots you can stop and swim after eating or even as you wait. We used ATV's in Mykonos to get around.

 Tropicana was so much fun. Who doesn't love a beach club and seeing the evidence of the debauchery that took place. The bottles above are of the champagne bottles that were consumed that summer.


 Sunsets in Fira  are everything.

 We took a cruise and met the loveliest Swedish couple who took this photo. Their story was amazing and we laughed at how different and similar our stories are over a few glasses of wine while watching the sunset.

Listening is loving...

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