Stair Master Workout - Burn Fat Fast!

Hey guys, I hope you are all doing well this fine Thursday. I'd like to switch it up a bit and post about a workout I did today that was awesome. When I say awesome I mean sweaty, heavy breathing and happy hot mess. It's a stair master workout that will leave you feeling great and will also ensure you burn calories long after you finish the workout. HIIT workouts are great like that.

Anyways without further ado try this workout and let me know if you feel the burrrrn!!!. This workout was inspired by Tone It Up but I modified it to suit myself. Always listen to your body and do what is right for you.

Listening is loving....

Be The Person, The Person You Are Looking For, Is Looking For

Be the person, the person you are looking for, is looking for.

Andy Stanley has often said this to singles and boy is it true. You cant be looking for a king while you act or behave like common folk so to speak. If you are looking for a generous, kind, spiritual, intelligent, mature person you can't be less than those things. You must meet the expectations that you impose on a potential suitor.

Bokehlicious at Nell’s Park by 55Lanley69

This then brings us to the question of whether or not you are ready for the person you are looking for. Often we have lists of the qualities of the people we want in our lives and often the qualities are set a bar so high that we ourselves don't even meet them. So how do you know you are ready for the person you are looking for.

Greece Travel Guide

Hi everyone. This is a simple post on how you can travel to Greece and the Greek Isles without breaking the Bank. Greece is perfect for honeymooners, travelers and people looking to party in Mykonos.

I always thought that this would be a honeymoon destination but seeing as we have not progressed to that  stage of our lives we decided to go anyways. Why? Because there is so much to see and with some planning you can afford to go anywhere without feeling the pressure and without having to travel as a backpacker. As I said here on traveling to Europe, I have nothing against backpackers but traveling with some additional comfort is a must for me.

If You Walk In The Footprints of Others You Won't Leave Your Own

I am sure by now we have all heard the phrase 'As you think so you are'. Now before you read further this is not some motivational post or a write up on self help. It's a post on self reflection about what we find ourselves preoccupied with. What are you constantly finding your mind veering to? 

Grasslands by Ryan McGuire

It occurred to me the other day that a person's thoughts show their background, their upbringing, their priorities, their self awareness and their level of maturity. Have you ever heard someone talking and you were totally baffled by the words they were spewing out of their mouths? You couldn't identify with them at any level. Not is a snobby way but really when you consider their age and stage in life you can't connect the boxes between what they talk about and what you would ordinarily expect

Who Are You Taking For Granted?

Are you missing someone who is not around today? Are you thinking about getting something new and shiny? Basically is there anything you are thinking about that you would like to acquire or would like to be given back to you? Are you noticing what you have?

pyrolatry by Jenny Downing