Why Do You Pray?

Hi friends so last week was all about fasting this week is all about praying. Why do we pray, how do we pray and does prayer have any effect at all?

First why do you pray? Is it to ask for some need that you have to be fulfilled? What do your prayers look like? Are they focused solely on you? I ask these questions to spark some reflection on our part the next time we pray.

Sunflower by Seanmcgrath

Scripture tells us with that we should draw near to God. I think that drawing near means having a relationship with God. A relationship requires conversation right?! So I would wager that prayer is about getting close to God. Psalms 145:18 reminds us "The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth'. Truth being the key word. But do we call on him or do we go to him with a list of things we need like Santa?

See it's not wrong to ask for things after all God is our provision however a relationship is not about asking all the time. A relationship requires knowing of one another deeply. It requires trust. It requires time and investment of ourselves. It requires us to be there and present and not passively but actively. Do we go to the Lord as a child does with our hearts open and hands lifted up in expectation of an encounter with Him?  I can only imagine how many blessings await us when we have the right posture.

Prayer is about all the things above. It's about investing time with God remember how we are told to go to a quiet room and pray. This is an intentional decision and act on our part to spend time with God. The beauty of prayer is that it changes us as any relationship will. Drawing near to God causes as to be be better at life. When we pray and ask for direction and God responds in a way we didn't expect we see grace. We see God working in our lives in a tangible way because of the relationship that we have with him.

Have you seen the movie 'War Room?' I'll tell you that movie caused me to take a step back. Remember how I said I started to take the word of God literally like where we are asked to do something I started applying it in my life and I started with prayer. I became more intentional with it. I became more authentic. As Psalms 145 says 'those who call on him with truth'. I stopped trying to say many things as I have seen people do with loooooong prayers : ) because I remembered God already knew before I even said a word. So I focused less on me and more on him and this is still a work in progress.

Are you calling on God in truth? How does your prayer life look like? Is it a distracted quick recitation of the Lord's prayer or some other prayer you know by heart? Are you wholly invested in your prayer life or time? Does God have your undivided attention? If someone talked to you the way you talked to God, how would that relationship look like?

I for one know how distracted I am with my prayers. My fears and my busy schedule or whatever may be going on that day draw my attention away. But God is continuously pursuing me to draw near. I love thinking like that. He wants to be near me, he wants to be near us. He never gives up on us so let's not give up either. Let's focus on drawing near and keeping those requests in the back of our minds as we seek him first.

Please listen to this song and reflect upon it.

Listening is loving....

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