We Are Not Born Hateful

I have never quite understood prejudice, racism, bigotry, tribalism or anything that has a connotation of hatred towards another person because they were different from you. You can dislike and certainly hate someone who has perpetrated a wrongful thing toward you but to hate someone you don't know because of one reason or the other, I just don't get.

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I remember reading 'The Help' and while it was certainly a 'fun' read there were underlying issues that the book brought out. People are not born hateful. They learn to hate whether it's from a parent, a parental figure, a leader, a church they go to, a school they attended, the community they live in, the networks they watch : (, whatever influence they have allowed or has been imposed on them influences how they think and certainly how they feel about people.

People are the same regardless of color, race, origin, religion, sexual orientation, fundamentally we are all the same. We are born the same way, we walk the same, we talk the same even though we may have different accents, we get the same diseases, we sing the same way, we rest and die the same way, we laugh the same way, we cry the same way so why would someone convince you that another person was of greater or lesser value than the other? What basis would they have? Seriously. That is why I cannot understand hatred and intolerance for people based solely on their appearance or beliefs. There is no logic. I see different people every day because I use public transportation and I certainly also have some stereotypes (we all do) but I do not hate these people. I wouldn't throw a punch at them because they were different in appearance. I do not know them so how can I hate them?

Which side of the spectrum are you? What are you hiding your prejudices and bigotry behind? Certainly in this season of elections you can hide behind politics. The other day someone said, "He says all the things we all want to say but can't". I was like wait, what? So what exactly would you like to say but cannot. Which people do you hate for no other reason than that they are different? If you could get away with it what things would you do? The same person implied that the president was a clown and I thought to myself well there you have it. Let me make a comparison that would make sense. Said person would never call their boss a clown.

I digress but these words got me thinking? Why is this election charged with so much anger and hatred? What kind of society are we living in? What kind of example are we setting for the next generation that will live in an even more globalized world where they will encounter all kinds of people from different walks of life. Shouldn't they learn from the get go to respect people regardless of their appearances and beliefs. That to compete you do not need to attack a person's fundamental rights.

We are not born hateful. No matter where we are brought up we get to an age where we can decide for ourselves how we will interact and treat other people who are not the same as us. Whatever is different about us makes us unique. You do not have to go giving hugs to everyone but you can choose not to hate, heck you can be indifferent. Hatred breeds evil and violence and things that should never be repeated.

Ask yourself if you lived during the slavery era, Hitler's era, the Rwandan genocide,the Syrian crisis which end of the spectrum would you find yourself. Would you help to stop the injustice or would you pick a side.

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