You Are Your Biggest Competition

Today I wanted to end the week on a high note. I've been crazy busy at work but I can't complain. Did I mention that I got a promotion this year?! Hello!!! Bless the Lord oh my soul is right. I came back from vacation and getting this news was absolutely wonderful. I kept it on the low low because as happy as I am, I am realizing that my job is not the focal point of my life.

I have always been ambitious and being the person that I am, I find that sometimes I gauge my success in comparison to other people. I did a post on the comparison trap here so trust me when I say everything I write is a reflection of things I am going through or that I have been through. I'll tell you though that after getting that promotion as happy as I was there was something in me that did not fully embrace the celebration/achievement.

I am starting to sound super weird aren't I? Let me explain. Certain things are taking precedence in my life this year. I am learning to let things that I thought were super important go and I am happier for it, I sleep better : ). Now don't get me wrong I am still super competitive and I have goals that I want to achieve but the standard by which I measure my success has changed.

My benchmark is no longer what another person has done or what seems to be the thing to do anymore. Instead I am measuring my milestones based on my journey. Predefined measures of success are not what I am looking at. I am looking back seeing where I came from, where I want to go and what I am doing to get there. Obviously then I can't say that if you are doing this or that, then you are doing well. Why? Because our journeys are different. Everybody who has ever been something has completely gone off the grid. They did not follow, they led.

So while I may not be leading a crowd, I am the head of this economy of mine and with God's counsel that is the only economy I am concerned about. A friend of mine once told me to change careers. Their advice was well intended but it came from what they deemed to be success. I have learned over time not to get offended because people give advice based on their experiences and as long as its coming from a good place, I can listen, what I choose to do after is up to me.

I seriously considered changing careers at some point in my life and then I looked at how far God had brought me. I am an immigrant and I work in a place where I rub shoulders with some pretty smart people. My opinion counts here. People actually listen and follow my lead. I am not a paper pusher and that for me is a big deal. Friends I have come a long way.

My take away is that you can't live life based on arbitrary measures. You take your life and measure it based on benchmarks you have set for yourself. If there is no growth then you tweak certain things and you pray friends you pray like you haven't before. As this year is dedicated to progression and growth take the different facets of your life and steer them towards growth. It may take some shaking up of things and it will be scary but grow, grow, grow.

Genesis 41:52 says, "The name of the second he called Ephraim, “For God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction.” It refers to Joseph while he was in Egypt a place where he begun as a slave to being second in command to the king. Take a leaf from this verse and then take your life, list out the things you want and pray and work hard for them. God is faithful and you will make it. The journey doesn't stop until you take your last breath so each failure or success can be a learning moment as well as a point of reference for change. You are your biggest competition.

Listening is loving...

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