You Are Not That Into Them

People think it takes a lot to know whether you are into someone or not but the thing is its not rocket science. It really isn't! There are some tell tale signs that make it obvious you either need to walk away or maybe down grade the relationship.

  1. The first thing is that stuff that should bother you doesn't. Has someone ever done something so foul but you don't find yourself mad or angry? You are pretty much indifferent. I mean you care but not enough. It's like you have an ignore button for them and things just don't get to you.
  2. They irritate you in an irrational way. Your partner may do something that they have always done and it annoys the hell out of you. Things that used to be endearing annoy you in a way that you don't understand. Its a sign that you have stopped caring or that you are not that into them. You do not have the patience anymore.
  3. You wish for things but you don't wish for them together. What I mean by this is that you want things in your life but not together. So you pray for things without including them and sometimes not intentionally, they are nit in the forefront of your mind.
  4. Going with the point above your future does not include them because they just don't fit into anything. You may have outgrown them or you don't see life the same way any more. This feeling sucks and you may feel guilty for feeling this way but the reality is they are not part of your future. Let them go.
  5. They don't give you what you need. There is a Swahili saying that goes something like waiting too long harms the stomach. The gist of it is when you are hungry you need to be fed and if not your stomach starts hurting. If you are with someone that you expect things from and rightfully so and they dont come through it gets to a point where you don't care. Delayed gratification be damned you aren't invested anymore. You put in your time its time to move on now.
  6. They have reached their capacity and their peak isn't satisfactory for you. Run dear friends run, do not try to change a person or to make them into something they aren't. Frustration galore awaits you.
  7. You do not like the same things. Its really simple as much as opposites attract if we cant seat and have a conversation then there is a disconnect. There is nothing more frustrating than feeling the urge to look at your phone because your partner bores you to death. 
  8. Your  priorities are different. Have you ever listened to someone and wondered what they were talking about like you were truly confused because their line of thinking made no sense. Their dreams and goals may be legit but to you they might as well be elves spinning gold. You just don't get them anymore.
  9. You fight all the time or you fight more than a normal couple should. Fighting isn't bad but when you find yourself fighting over every thing that's a red flag. A happy couple should not fight over everything. The good should out weigh the bad always. 
  10. Do you miss your partner? It sounds like a silly question but who do you think of when you see something funny and want to share it? Who do you think of when you are in a bind and you know they have your back? When you don't hear from them during the day, do you even notice? Think about it, the answer might scare you.
If you don't love someone as Alex Elle says, "I love you, all ways, always" then perhaps you shouldn't be together. 

Listening is loving...

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