Two Weeks In Europe For Less Than $2,500

This amount may seem high for some people, but not everyone is a backpacker and I like certain comforts when I travel. That said I am also not one of those people who will spend an outrageous amount of money for something because people hype it. There is nothing wrong with backpacking but I work hard to ensure that when I travel I have as much comfort as I can afford. (If you are viewing the post in the mobile version, it may be easier to use the web version below because of the tables I used. Please scroll down and select 'web version'. Thanks for reading.)

Going in to planning for Europe I had a budget of $2,000 but the thing with most budgets is that they are hard to stick to. However $2,500 for two weeks now that is something you can't beat especially in Europe where you 'lose' money because of the exchange rate. This budget is based on two people. So for hotels and things like that we split everything down the middle.

I did some tours in the different countries we visited because when you are short on time and you want to see as much as you can, there is no better way to do it than with a local. Also we bought a bunch of different tickets early on to save money and time on long lines.

We visited the countries below:
Flights and Trains: $1,082.56
 Flight  Wow Air Boston  > London         $ 380.05
 Train Gatwick > London              27.60
 Flight  Easy Jet London > Rome              74.15
 Flight  Vueling Venice > Barecelona              87.31
 Trains  ITALIARAIL Rome > Naples              27.25
Naples > Rome              28.50
Rome > Florence              31.50
Florence > Pisa                9.50
Pisa > Florence                9.50
Florence > Venice              34.25
 Flight  Easy Jet Barcelona > Paris              36.59
 Flight  Iceland Air Paris > Boston            336.36

Accommodations: $849.62
LondonHoliday Inn Regents Park - 2 nights   $ 222.01
RomeMoses Fountain Rome - 3 nights      208.44
FlorenceB&B Marbò Florence - 1 night        79.53
VeniceMercure Venezia Marghera - 2 nights        97.98 
BarcelonaSoho - 3 nights      241.66
ParisWe stayed with a friend : )
We splurged in Barcelona and there were nice hotels that were cheaper so you could spend even less than we did.

Tours: $624.91
LondonBrake Away                                  $ 30.84 
LondonLondon Eye45.78
LondonSt Paul's Cathedral22.48
LondonTower of London31.47
ItalyWalking Tours of Rome Lara87.50
ItalyLovely Amalfi Coast100.00
ItalyAcademia & Uffizi35.91
SpainSagrada Familia 21.51
SpainPark Guell7.72
FranceParis Pass130.13
FranceEiffel Tower16.72

My friends and I enjoyed this trip so much and it was always nice to have a nice place to sleep after a long day of walking and sight seeing. I would definitely recommend the hotels above because they were close to everything restaurants, trains, airports etc Also most of them had free breakfast and the plan we took in the London hotel included breakfast and dinner.

Keep in mind that some of these hotels were really nice so based on your budget you can go way lower than $2,500.

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  1. Thank so so much for this post!!! Im planning on visiting Paris for a week, but now I can add venice and rome in our itinerary, and maybe convince my husband to add a few extra days ;)

  2. which almalfi coast tour did you do?!

    1. We used Lovely Amalfi Tours. Here is the link.