Seeking First

If you grew up in church then I'm sure you've heard the verse that's says 'Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you'. What does that mean or what does that look like? How can you seek the kingdom of God first? What is the kingdom of God?

All these questions!!! The answers are diverse and convoluted and they will be different depending on who your pastor is. So I asked myself a different question, what do I want to be added to my life? What are the things that I value the most, that I want to get as a result of my seeking. Because the thing is whatever it is that I want the most will influence how I do my seeking.

Think about how we  pray for a minute. It probably goes something like this, please help me with my exams, let me find favor with my boss today, please provide for my bills, please help me lose weight, I need a husband/wife etc. The focus is solely on who in this prayers? Us. So you see whatever it is that you value the most will affect how you seek. You will seek in such a way that you get what you value the most added. If someone tells you to sow a 'seed' so that you get what you want, seeking God for you becomes an act of sowing. You follow?

These prayers are not bad but are they worthwhile? What or who are we truly seeking? I have seen godless people flourish, and I have often wondered whether it is our prayer that moves God or really it is God just doing what he does. He blesses whom he wants and he curses whom he wants also. He is sovereign. His ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts. So that connection of wealth and blessing may be wrong and I think it has corrupted our seeking. Please read this extract in Matthew.

I think the context in which we are asked to seek is to completely surrender ourselves to God. Surrender is another tricky thing isn't it? Surrendering our thoughts, our lives and our hearts is not easy. I'm not even sure I know how to do that. What I do know is that a heart that is after God is always blessed. While I don't fully comprehend the meaning of seeking the kingdom, I know that the righteous have never been forsaken. God always provided. God also reveals who He is as we draw near, so there is clarity over time about how to seek him. I love this song on seeking.

The world has shaped our way of thinking into always connecting material wealth with prosperity. I think this is a huge mistake. There are so many other things by which a person can say they are blessed that have nothing to do with what they have accumulated. My mum always jokes that no matter how many rooms you have in your home, you can only sleep in one at a time. You will never be able to sleep in more than one room at the same time, so what is the difference between the man with five bedrooms verses the one with two. Perspective friends.

Lets take a minute to think about how we are seeking. Lets think about the way we pray and whether we are praying for the right things. You might be selling yourself short with the precious time you get in the presence of God. To seek God means to turn your eyes away from yourself and from your surroundings. To focus on God, to hear him above the noise and distractions of life. Everything will come to pass. Take that from someone who has lived through loss. People and things are temporary. We need to learn to seek the permanent.

To be deeply and firmly rooted in God. To have our identities linked with God so that no matter which way the wind blows we always land  on our feet. I truly want to learn how to seek first the kingdom of God and not my little kingdoms. Its shocking how many kingdoms I have put up in my life without even realizing. Just thinking of how I pray sometimes makes me embarrassed, I sound quite juvenile.

Lets seek the right things friends and then we shall see God at work. The truth is we may not even really know whats best for us until we seek the right way. The things that should be added to us may miss us. Why do we think we need to remind God about what we need? The days given to us were numbered before they begun. He knew us before we could ask for ourselves. We need to relax and just let go and let God. Seek him first.

Listening is loving...

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