Hi folks I hope you are having a good week so far. I'll get right to it this morning, how has your lent been going? Have you even thought about it? How does lent look like for you?

As a person who was brought up in the church lent has been sort of like a norm. Sort of like Christmas, which makes me sad. The season of lent is the foundation of our faith. The Crucifixion of Jesus is what its all about. Without redemption we would be lost and the likelihood of being found non-existent.
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This year has been different. Lent has become personal and as I delve into the word of God I am discovering things that I have taken for granted for so long, something again that makes me so sad. Have you ever been taken for granted? It is not a good feeling. The idea that I have taken this huge gift for granted makes me feel unworthy ten times over. The redeeming power of the cross is overwhelming. Christ reminds us, you and me that we are loved in-spite of our sins, shortcomings and failures. Friends we are sinners whether we are the most active in church or are the most giving, we most likely sin. Everyday I get grace and mercy because of the Cross and I have been taking this time of remembrance for granted.

We do memorials for people that we have lost and they are grand affairs but when it comes to the memorial of the greatest gift we kinda take it for granted. Ash Wednesday is awesome and I see people with the ash sign on their head every year. I have never partaken in this exercise the cross on my forehead that is (haha 'partaken" who says that). I don't get it and I still don't even after some reading. I feel like it's a look at me and see my wonderful self sort of thing (lol don't take it too seriously).

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the season of lent. You essentially go to church and the priest draws a sign of the cross on your forehead. It's a sign of repentance and hope, where we recognize that we have sinned and the need for repentance. We also recognize that from dust we came and to dust we shall return but in all that we have hope because Christ died for us.

Friends today I encourage you in lieu of tomorrow which will be Ash Wednesday coincidentally : ) let's turn inwards and focus on our need for repentance. Let's truly look at ourselves and forget about what we think we are doing right and focus on the call of God. I think often we get so busy in the business of doing, we forget that the Lord does not require sacrifice but our obedience. Humility is a big word and during lent it's an important thing to focus on. We get busy being church people we forget to be God's people. Please think about that statement.

Psalm 51:16-17 You do not want a sacrifice, or I would give it: You are not pleased with a burnt offering. The sacrifice pleasing to God is a broken spirit. God, You will not despise a broken and humbled heart.
I hope as we go through this season that lent becomes more real and tangible for us. Let's be more intentional this year with our repentance, fasting and praying. Join me as we go through a lent characterized with more awareness of God and less awareness of me. Drawing near to Him and focusing less on me. This song from Hillsong is a nice reminder.

Listening is loving.

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