Lent II

Lent and repentance go hand in hand don't you think? In Lent I we see the importance of Lent and how we should be intentional about it. The call to ask God for forgiveness especially during this season. Asking for forgiveness is a difficult task. It involves humility. It's recognizing and accepting that we are not perfect Christians. It's seeing ourselves from God's point of view. Now notice I didn't say our point of view or any other person's point of view.

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Repenting is a call to turn away from our sinful nature. To go back to God because we have gone far from Him. It's not the other way around. God is always near inviting us to draw near to him. He is always available, constantly asking us to seek Him first. We on the other hand are busy doing life and in the midst of it we inevitably sinning. Our Father cannot be near sin and hence the call to repent.

In Acts 3:19-20 we are asked to 'Repent therefore, and turn back, that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that he may send the Christ appointed for you, Jesus,'

I was greatly encouraged by these two verses. Repent and turn back. Repent, that is confess your sins and turn away from them. Don't hung out in sin ville anymore!  Turning back means literally changing the direction you were going, completely. If you were going north turning back means going south. So turn back friends and be intentional about not going back where you came from. Grace is abounding but let's not be lazy Christians. We obviously cannot save ourselves and no amount of work will ever be enough to earn grace because it is free, but we have to try to walk the narrow path.

Acts goes on to say that our sins will be blotted out like they did not exist. That makes me exhale. The slate will be wiped clean. You are a new being, you get a new beginning. Friends let us repent and turn back and let our old selves be in the rear view mirror. Do not look back like Lot's wife but look upward to Jesus. Acts says that we will be refreshed in the presence of the Lord. Imagine that. Have you ever refreshed your computer? You get a new page that should work faster and more efficiently.

That's the same thing with God. That is what we are promised when we walk away from our sinful ways. When we turn back we get a new beginning. Let's start this year different. Let's be better at life. Let's start by going to the foot of the cross and asking for forgiveness and then turning back from our old selves.

In 2nd Peter chapter 3 we are reminded that the Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise. That what seems as slowness is patience towards us from the Lord. (It's funny how prosperity pastors have twisted this verse but anyways moving on). God does not want us to perish/die before we repent. That is why we are asked consistently to turn back from sin and to go back in repentance. God is patiently and mercifully waiting for us sort of like the prodigal son. Do not take it for granted. Be intentional with this season of lent.

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