He Who Begun A Good Work Will Be Faithful To Complete It

I read a devotional a few weeks ago that I have been planning to share but just haven't gotten around to it. The writer of the devotion is Missy Fuller and this post is inspired by her thoughts. Below is a quote of what she wrote concerning the way God thinks of us.

"When things feel helpless and desperate, God has a plan.When we’re convinced our story is over, God is at work.When we’re exhausted and confused, God is sovereign.When one more horrible, unexplainable thing happens, God has a purpose.When we’ve truly lost all hope, God is bringing about His will".

by cfourcalvin

The devotion originated from the story of Joseph and what a messy story it is. However I think it's important to take these stories and to frame them into our lives now in the present. Our lives are not perfect and they are messy and full of painful experiences. They are also full of happy outcomes and favor that we are so undeserving of. In general our lives are made up of highs and lows that have shaped the people we have become.

I am comforted in knowing that God is always at work. When the situation is so hopeless like you can literally not summon any strength to go on, we are reminded God is at work. Have you ever been in a situation where you really couldn't see a good outcome. A family member was told they had stage four cancer, a young mother dying at child birth, big things like this that have make no sense and yet friends they still happen. It's the nature of life.

God has not promised us a pain free life. He has promised to be with us through it all even the senseless, can't wrap our minds around moments. Bad things will happen but remember God is at work. It would be so pointless to go through all that without faith, wouldn't it? It's like losing two times over.

God always has a plan, remember how our days were numbered even before they begun. So when you are going through something tough and unfair and it feels like God has forgotten you, He hasn't. I've often struggled with the idea that God allows bad things to happen to me. He allows things that are seemingly unfair to happen. There isn't an explanation that could make sense, but the idea that God is working behind the scenes, that its not all for nothing is very comforting. It doesn't make the helplessness go away but it reminds me that the one who set it all in motion has a plan, the master plan.

If you have ever been through something tough, you know that it consumes you. It takes up your time, destroys your peace and makes you doubt God. Have you ever felt like you need a breather? Times when you couldn't put together a prayer because God seemed so far away. Joseph was put in prison after serving well and giving his best effort. What does he get in return, jail time. Picture this, he is sold into slavery, becomes sort of like a vice president in a foreign land and then he is thrown in jail. That's a hell of a cycle. I would be angry at God. I would be exhausted and confused. The word of God reminds us that He is sovereign. He knows what we are going through and He will answer in His own time, which is always perfect.

I see so much hurt in the world. It makes no sense to me. Horrific things that have been done in the name of one thing or the other. It's hard to see God in this. Remembering that death isn't the end but a beginning reinforces that God has a purpose for everything. Think of Chris Tomlins song, 'Death where is your sting?' No matter what we have gone through God can push the refresh button for us. We can be new beings in Christ by letting go of the old. Finally just letting it all go and saying, 'May your will be done'. In that hopeless place when you have tried your own way and failed. God will bring His will into fulfillment.

It's always about God. Our lives are about God. We work so hard to accumulate things, to be distinguished and for what? We take nothing to the grave except our souls. It is all vanity. Hopefully we cling to Christ. Remember God has a plan, He is working in us through it all, He is sovereign-there is not a thing that breathes without Him, there is always a purpose and ultimately His will will be done. Romans reminds us that all things work together for good for those who love God and who are called according to His purpose. He who started a good work in us will be faithful to complete it, you need only submit it all to Him.

Listening is loving...

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