You Define Who You Are & What You Are Worth

People are always quoting things about knowing your worth and staying true to yourself. Isn't that one of the hardest things to do? Who determines worth? An Iphone's worth is determined by how much a user is willing to pay for it. Regardless of how much the phone can or cant do, its worthiness is derived from its user. So in the same way, its easy to see how a person could see their worth as derived from the people they cherish the most.

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That's why its so important to be in good company, to surround yourself with people that bring you up. The company you keep can either bring you up or down. I digress, I was thinking about worth and how much I myself I'm worth (my English teacher would have a fit over that statement). When you think about your worth it really comes down to how you value yourself. What do you bring to the table? But often we short sell ourselves and we settle for situations that we know are not up to par with our worth. Is this making sense?

Have you ever been at a job where you know for sure you are not paid enough or you where you know that your work is not appreciated. In this instance it easy to see where you are being short changed. In relationships and things like that things can get a bit confusing. The line where you see your worth as an independent variable with the relationship or as a dependent variable with the relationship is very murky. You tend to start looking at your worth from the lens of the person you are in a relationship with. You have to be very careful because that's where your self esteem can take a nose dive.

Strong men and women have been brought down by a person whose estimation they valued a lot. I use the word strong because these people are strong individuals. However over time the people they are became defined by the people in their lives. If you are a wife or husband and suddenly one day you are striped off those titles it is easy to see how your sense of worth can be destroyed. So the question of worth can be a tough one especially when you don't think of yourself as a singular person.

Our worth is derived from the different functions we have in our lives. I'm not saying that it should be this way but often this is how it is. Being strong and independent does not always mean that you see your worth in a singular way. When you think of your accomplishments and failures then you can draw your worth from that line of thinking. Now say your accomplishments are maintaining a strong marriage in an era where marriage is not taken seriously. Should that marriage fail then your sense of worth goes down with it.

This post is meant to caution us and to remind us to be careful about where we put our precious eggs. In this case, eggs are symbolic of our worth. I try to separate myself from certain things to create in essence a curtain that shouldn't be penetrated with the external things/people I deal with. Said things should not make up my whole sense of worth because they may not be permanent fixtures in my life and should they stop being present I would not want them to erode my sense of worth.

We are all worth so much regardless of where we find ourselves in life. Dig deep and establish a place that cannot be penetrated by things or people. A place in essence that you keep only for yourself. That way you can always hold your head up no matter what life throws at you because your sense of worth comes from something deep within you. You define who you are.

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