The Glass Is Half Full

Sunday I was watching one of my all time favorite shows 'The Good Wife' and they brought up something interesting. The theory that no matter what choices you make, no matter which path you choose you will always end up where you are. You can't avoid or maneuver around fate. So if you are happy/unhappy, content/discontent, whatever state you are in, you are where you are meant to be.

Doesn't that suck depending on how you look at it of course. It kinda nullifies the whole should have, could have, would have thing. I like that theory though. No one knows where life will lead. You could have the best of everything and still miss the thing one you want the most. Think about people who are married with kids, the whole nine yards but if they were candid they would tell you they married the wrong person. Or the person with the best job in the world that they secretly hate. Its being human. We always think we could have had it better but maybe where we are is where we would have ended up regardless of which choices we made.

I said I like this theory because if we can't control fate at the very least from an emotional point of view then we have to literally decide to be happy in the place that we find ourselves in. We have to be happy with the choices we make and trust that when we made them we were in the right frame of mind. Now we don't always end up where we want to be and it's not like we cant change our situations, it just means that we have to learn to look at the glass half full instead of half empty.

My mantra this year is to progress. To grow. To look at life positively. To absolutely embrace where I am and to fully enjoy this year no matter what. I have decided to be intentional and with this roller coaster called life you have to choose to be happy with the things you can control because when you think about it very little is in our control. If you are healthy, if you have someone that loves you, if you have something that makes you happy then embrace it, nurture it and be happy.

I think of all the things in my life that I think could have gone better and then I look at the flip side and see how much God has blessed me in-spite of myself and my carefully laid out plans : ). The things is we have regrets, things we think we could have done better etc but you just don't know that your life would have turned out better. You don't. We grow from our experiences and we learn hopefully but we can't go back and really if our fates would be the same regardless then looking back is useless.

Be happy friends, be content and be blessed. Happy Friday and enjoy Martin Luther King day on Monday.

Listening is loving....

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