Your Best Version Is A Decision Away

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've been here whoa but life happens especially around the holidays. We get busy and some things just fall on the wayside not because they are unimportant but because if we tried to do everything we would end up spreading ourselves too thin. Some things would not get the attention they deserve and that would be an injustice. I have however missed this space! I hope you are all well and that your holidays have been awesome!

Girrafes in Kenya

I have so much to be grateful for this year and I suspect that we all do. Usually as the year comes to an end we take time to look back and see how far we have come. Some of us have had some huge milestones and some of us small ones. But who cares if you made one step forward then that's an achievement in my book.

I recently went home back to Kenya and met up with some good friends and family and everything came back full circle for me. I was reminded of how blessed I am. Sometimes I think we forget and we focus on the negative stuff and perceived failures in our lives. We forget the important stuff and the people in our lives are what matters the most. I don't care how much you have achieved in the past year, if you had no one to share it with I'm sure it wouldn't be the same.

As we go through the last stretch of the year I am reminded to be grateful and I am also reminded to be vigilant with the things I want in my future. As I always say we have to be intentional with our lives. We have to ensure that our actions lead us to where we envision ourselves. So with that thought in mind I am declaring and speaking good things in 2016. Progressive things. If anyone I am with is not with me then they are against me and they will most certainly be left in the wake of my dust : ).

I encourage every reader on this last Monday of 2015 (I feel like Mondays set the tone for the week) to be introspective. To take the things that need improvement and work on them. To take the things that need to be changed completely and overhaul them, to essentially renovate our lives. The verse in the bible that says "He makes beauty from ashes" encourages me because certainly we can take our perceived nothingness and make it a bountiful.

In that same line of thought if there are things that are going well continue to cultivate them and nurture them (if it ain't broke don't fix it). We know ourselves and we know where we need or want to be. We just need to start acting appropriately. I do not like setting resolutions because by day two of January they are forgotten. Instead lets be a work in progress which irritatingly sounds like a resolution : ). The point is self improvement. If we choose to be complacent life can get pretty boring as well as unproductive. So if we aim to continuously be better versions of ourselves then I do not foresee failure. Your best version is waiting for you.

I love the prayer above and it is fitting for this line of thought. I wish you a happy and prosperous 2016. I do not say it lightly because I truly do want this coming year to bring good tidings. God bless you all.

Listening is loving....

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