Who Is Willing To Give You The Shirt Off Their Back?

I'm sure you have heard people say they will give you the shirt off their back or they will have your back anytime 365 days 24 hours bla bla bla. I've always wondered and at the back of my mind known that human beings will say anything to make you feel good but when push comes to shove that person ain't got your back for nothing. Writing this post reminds me of that country song "Find Out Who Your Friends Are" by Tracy Lawrence. That song is the truth!!!

The thing about having expectations from people is that the things you expect from people are the things you yourself would be willing to do for them. Funny how that works isn't it. It's disappointing and frustrating when you think you can rely on someone and they let you down like darn it I should have seen that coming but normally you don't see it until it's too late.

When it comes to people you find out how far they will go for you when the rubber meets the road I'm telling you. Have you ever had that kind of experience? I expect that you definitely have and you felt like deleting and erasing that person from your life. Sadly you can't and as always you learn from your experiences and you learn to depend on yourself more often than not. Necessity is the mother of invention and I'm learning when you can't depend on someone to do the smallest of things you definitely come up with creative ways of handling things.

While the song above may be a little more dramatic than what I am experiencing right now it rings so true. You will rarely meet people who will just do things for you without expecting anything in return, people who will do something for you because they genuinely want to help. Doesn't it get old when you ask someone to do something because you are in a bind and they find convenient ways of not helping. I mean there are times when someone cannot be able to help but when they can't be there for you multiple times then something is definitely up. What are friends for after all?

The truth don't lie and people will show you what they are about when you need them. I hope as I get older that I can surround myself with people who will drop whatever they are doing because they want to be there for me. I also want to return that favor. I am definitely guilty of seeing a phone call come through in the middle of the night and have been tempted to hit ignore because I don't want to be bothered. I always remember though if that person is calling me then they might be in a situation where I am the most accessible person to them. You see people just don't call out of the blue to ask for help. They put some thought into it and they humble themselves enough to call because they expect you to help.

As you find out who your friends are and I can promise that you will be disappointed more often than not I hope we can all be able to say we have a person or two who will be there for us without thinking 'what's in it for me'. I hope we have good experiences in those moments when we find ourselves needing someone to help us. Life can be lonely when we have no one who will show up for us without questions or judgement.

Listening is loving....

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