My Journey And The High Priest

Today I wanted to talk about journeys. I had never really understood what Christians mean when they say that this world is just a journey it is not by and large the destination. This temporary bodies we inhabit are a preparation for something greater. It's funny the way the spirit of God works. Here I am minding my own business reading scripture until one job title caught my eye.

In the book of Hebrews and specifically chapter 4 Jesus is described as the high priest. He is the one who will welcome us to meet our Father amidst the jubilation and singing of the angels. Forget the pope or the lead pastor and all those titles religion has created and focus on the high priest. Take a minute and picture that. Imagine meeting the Queen of England and who would potentially usher you in. Then now imagine Jesus himself taking you by hand and saying welcome. Our high priest who know us deeply and intimately.

Friends I had never quite understood what people meant when they said that they couldn't wait to meet the Father or that we are in this world to be refined and prepared for something greater and grander than we could ever imagine. It just takes some perspective doesn't it? Scripture provides a guideline on how we are to live our lives. They are not restrictions nor are they suggestions they are more like guard rails to prevent us from harming ourselves.

Our lives are a preparation to meet our Father who is holy and clean. That's why our actions, our speech...everything about us must be acceptable to God. Think of a bride preparing for her wedding day and think of your life as a preparation for that day. Scripture reminds us to seek Him while He may be found. Some people object to certain restrictions for example sex. But we are not told not to have sex we are provided guard rails within which to have sex. We are not told not to drink we are told not to get drunk. These guard rails are meant to ensure we thrive even as we prepare ourselves for the grand meeting.

So not only have we been given an opportunity to live great and fulfilling lives where we thrive in everything we do, we also have an opportunity for something greater when we meet the High Priest and we are ushered in to meet our Father. I can't wait and personally I don't want to be left out. That thought alone scares me because I am reminded that this life is truly vanity. I don't care how rich or poor you are or how popular or unpopular you are, we all exit this world the same way. In a coffin and with nothing, just the same way we came in.

Our faith is the only thing that will distinguish us. The song 'Oh when the saints go matching in' rings true. I want to be in that number, I want to be counted, I want to meet the high priest. Remember that you will never do anything to deserve grace, you do not have to earn it, you just have to accept it. Our high priest has been here and he has done that so he understands how tough temptation is and that's why grace and mercy are always abounding.

So friends I hope I have stirred something in you that will cause you to think about this journey and where your destination is.  I surely hope I will be welcomed in that realm to meet my Father.

Listening is loving....

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