Endings & Beginnings

When you go to the movies you go there to get entertained and to enjoy yourself, so regardless of the theme of the movie you always hope that there is a happy ending and often there is. Sadly real life has no guarantees. Happy endings do happen but not everyone gets that silver lining.

It's sad when things come to an end but usually they mean a new beginning but who wants new beginnings they are usually so much work! I'm finding myself at a cross point where I must make a decision about the direction of my life. The thing with cross points is that you have to make a choice. No one will point out which path leads to what, you have to make that choice yourself based on blind faith and your instincts. You have to be ready to deal with the consequences of whatever choice you make.

These are some tough decisions because there is guaranteed regret whichever path you choose. You are bound to hurt people and also you just never know if what lies ahead will be better  than what you left behind. Kinda makes me sad and there is this burden on my shoulders that will only lighten when that decision is made.

I'm finding also that even with all the confusion the right choice is almost always evident, isn't it? The tricky part is that it is usually the toughest choice so we subconsciously block ourselves from even thinking about it. It is the one choice that you know for sure will cost you the most because the stakes are high and there is no going back. You also know that deep down it is the best thing for you and sometimes putting yourself first can be hard because it seems so selfish. Taking that giant leap is proving to be difficult and it will probably be the hardest thing I have ever done.

Have you found yourself at a cross point where you knew you had to walk into uncharted territory. Where the rules wold be different and your existence as you have known it would also be different. I'm sure you have heard people say that if it ain't broke don't fix it but sometimes the 'thing' is so out of whack that it's new dysfunctional form actually works. But we cannot exist in dysfunction and flourish. And so choices have to be made to shake up things so to speak.

Endings suck but like I said they signify new beginnings hopefully with happier endings. Stay tuned.

Listening is loving...

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