Choose Between A Bad Boss And A Raise

Today I heard someone ask if you had to choose between a bad boss and a raise what would you pick. My mind is immediately hung up on the raise but how much money is worth your peace of mind? At the end of the day isn't is about how much bacon you get to take home?

Apparently according to the survey many people would rather have a nice boss versus a raise. Others said the answer would be relative to the amount of the raise. With a significant raise some people would stomach working with a bad boss. At this point in my career money is an important factor with any job I take on. This is the stage where I feel like many people lay the foundation for their future. I am at the point where I'm starting to think about buying a home, starting a family and these things cost money and lots of it.

So if I happened to take on a job with a decent salary would I be able to stay and work with a horrible boss? I have heard some of the things that people have to deal with at work and I cringe because if you have to be in a semi hostile environment for most of your day I can't imagine what that does to you. I had a bad boss a few years ago and this woman was a piece of work. Some of the things she did I have no idea how she didn't get fired.

I remember how everyone was afraid of her because they didn't want to face her wrath. If you made a mistake she would let you have it. Working there was not a good experience. I'm telling you when you left her office no amount of money was worth how little she made you feel.

I've actually seen a lady who had people reporting to her taken from her roster because no one could work for her. Mean bosses can suck the life out of you, they are like vampires they take and take and you never really come out any wiser, it's more of a whiplash kind of experience. You dread the work week and you are  miserable 90% of your waking hours.

I'm a bit torn by this question though. I will admit that the dollar signs are very tempting. What do you guys think? Would a raise be enough to get you to work with a horrible boss? When does the bad outweigh the good?

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