Thanksgiving For Our Blessings In Disguise

Thanksgiving is around the corner and I think its the perfect time to take stock and ask yourself what are you most grateful for. The year is ending and all those resolutions you had at the beginning of the  year must seem like they were from another era unless you are among the few that actually followed through. Resolutions are good because they mean you are intentional about the things you want to do but I also think that we should adopt lifestyles in our lives. Resolutions don't defines us, lifestyles do.

How Long Should You Date Before Making The Big Move?

I've been a bit quiet on the blog these past few days because I have been super busy and currently I'm in the lovely city of Secaucus, New Jersey for work. I've been here for the past week and the blog had to take a back seat.

Choose Between A Bad Boss And A Raise

Today I heard someone ask if you had to choose between a bad boss and a raise what would you pick. My mind is immediately hung up on the raise but how much money is worth your peace of mind? At the end of the day isn't is about how much bacon you get to take home?

Who Is Willing To Give You The Shirt Off Their Back?

I'm sure you have heard people say they will give you the shirt off their back or they will have your back anytime 365 days 24 hours bla bla bla. I've always wondered and at the back of my mind known that human beings will say anything to make you feel good but when push comes to shove that person ain't got your back for nothing. Writing this post reminds me of that country song "Find Out Who Your Friends Are" by Tracy Lawrence. That song is the truth!!!

Silent Treatment

Hiiii hope you all had a great weekend. I had a nice chilled out weekend, I'm finding that these days that's the way to go. By Friday the thought of going anywhere sounds like torture, what's happening to me??? Old age I guess : (. As long as you enjoy whatever you are doing who cares right, even if it involves pajamas, ice cream and a big old bottle of wine.

Endings & Beginnings

When you go to the movies you go there to get entertained and to enjoy yourself, so regardless of the theme of the movie you always hope that there is a happy ending and often there is. Sadly real life has no guarantees. Happy endings do happen but not everyone gets that silver lining.

My Journey And The High Priest

Today I wanted to talk about journeys. I had never really understood what Christians mean when they say that this world is just a journey it is not by and large the destination. This temporary bodies we inhabit are a preparation for something greater. It's funny the way the spirit of God works. Here I am minding my own business reading scripture until one job title caught my eye.


Hello hello everybody and good morning.

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Thanks for all your support and have a great week ahead.

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