Wisdom Is More Precious Than Jewels

I read these words in a devotional, 'Wisdom isn't knowing all the answers, it's knowing what's important and walking in light of that.' When you read these words you have kind of like a duh moment in the sense that it seems so easy to do and so intuitive. You know what you need to do and therefore it follows that your actions will always follow that knowledge. Friends isn't it true that knowing what we ought to do and doing what we ought to do are two very separate things?

When I apply these words to my life I see gaping holes of things I should have done but didn't do or things I shouldn't have done but did so gleefully. I think of places I've gone that I shouldn't have and things I've said that I will never be able to take back. I am filled with a sense of disdain at some of my actions. However I am quietly reminded that to err is human and that wisdom come with maturity.

Maturity as we know is not always in tandem with age. It's a growth process. It's a learning curve and some people's learning curve is super slow. I may be in that group yikes! It's when you know better but you still act like you haven't got a clue. When we learn things we are filled with knowledge. When we know how to apply that knowledge we have wisdom. Our experiences certainly increase our knowledge but if we can't apply it then we are foolish people right. A person lacking in wisdom is called foolish.

OK moving on. Good intentions are always good but if they are not followed with action then they are pretty much useless. If you know what needs to be done and yet you don't do it where does that leave you? We all mean well most of the time unless you are just a bad person. So if you know what's important and then you still don't act in light of it, you are pretty much either lazy or foolish.

I don't have all the answers and I don't think I ever will. When it comes to my life though I know what's important as do you. So the question is are you acting accordingly? If you have a plan in mind for the future you probably do things that will set that plan in motion. However if you have a good plan no matter how much potential that plan has for success if you never do anything to invest in that plan then it is as good as dead. Your good plans are meaningless if they are not followed with the appropriate actions.

I would like to encourage us to walk in the light of the things we know are important. To have a sense of direction in our lives where our actions mimic our thoughts. Hopefully out thoughts are good thoughts set on things above us. Let the meditations of your heart be acceptable to the Lord and that way whatever you think, speak, and do is never found lacking.

 Listening is loving....

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