Stop Wishing Your Days Away

Good morning good people. How are you all this fine Wednesday. Doesn't it seem like the days are going by so fast? You wake up on a Monday and then before you know it Friday is here. I remember a few years ago a co-worker of mine told me that I should stop wishing my days away. This was after I had told her in a sad voice 'Is it Friday yet?'.

Every time I say that or I hear someone say something like that I always remember those words. It's kind of unrealistic to expect yourself to enjoy every single day and not wish for the weekend or for that vacation you have been planning for so long. So what does enjoying every day look like for you?

Most people I know spend most of their waking hours at work. If you do a 9 to 5 or whatever shift you work most of your awake and alert hours are spent at work. I'll be honest and say sometimes I am bored with my job because it is not as challenging as I would want it to be. Then there are those days when I am swamped and I become a Godzilla at work : ). Thinking of which I think those are the best times because I am not idle.

Anyways when you put your life in this perspective then you better be at a job that you enjoy. Wouldn't it suck if you spend the rest of your life at a job that you don't like meaning that you spend most of your time being miserable. I think there is a saying that if you do what you love then you will never work a day in your life. I don't think many people can claim this to be true. A lot of people find themselves in jobs that they don't necessarily enjoy but the money is good. Who wouldn't want that, it beats being at a dead end job with minimum wage. There are worse things right? Or you find yourself working at a job you hate but the people you work with are good. At the very least you can enjoy being at work and not necessarily doing the work.

On the train today I was thinking it's Wednesday, wuhuu, midweek, two more days to go, I can do this!!! That's self motivation for you : ). Then it occurred to me that I was wishing my days away. Why was I not looking forward to today for the sake of today?  I have a million things to do today and what I do is rewarding. So why am I wishing this day away? Part of it I think is habit. We are so used to being told that the work week sucks that we don't actually stop to think that the reason why these days are going by so fast is because we spend them doing things we actually like. We may not love them but we are not miserable doing them.

So now I have purposed to enjoy each day. Seriously you may think that this is not important but I am determined to be intentional about my days. I will find things that I enjoy doing on whatever day it is and I will try to make it memorable. Now all my days don't have to be jaw dropping, earth shaking days but they will be good days. Weekends are sometimes over rated especially when you spend them doing nothing at all. Spending a weekend in the house with nothing to do is awesome but when you spend ALL your weekends this way, you are probably better off at work : ).

The point of this post is to challenge us to enjoy our days because they are numbered. We do not have infinity. Find things that make you look forward to each day. Maybe you need a coffee date with one of your good friends, maybe you need to start going to the gym... whatever it takes. If you are at a job you really do not like, my friend post that resume and get out. If you are around toxic people that make your days so much longer than they need to be then you need to flash them out. Surround yourself with good things and make every day worthwhile. You will never recover yesterday and tomorrow is not promised, enjoy your now.

Listening is loving.....

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