Saying 'I Am Sorry'

Saying sorry is one of the most difficult things to do, isn't it? I find that bringing myself to admit that I have wronged someone or that I have caused them some hurting is just about the hardest thing for me to do. It is admitting that I am less than perfect and it essentially means humbling myself enough to admit it to another person. I don't see enough people standing up and owning their wrong doing. It is just not easy with out egos floating around.

I think it's something I need to add to my repertoire more often. I just hate that sometimes being human means that I know what I need to do but I don't do it. Instead I let things fester to a point where they become unbearable or irreparable. How many times have you found yourself not talking to someone who you really care about because you have chosen not to be the bigger person? Have you gone days living with someone but not talking to them because you can't bring yourself to say 'I am sorry'.

You know you need to reach out to them and have a conversation that begins with the words 'I am sorry'. Yet you don't do it. Instead you talk to everybody else about whatever issue exists rather than reaching out to the one person who needs to hear from you. I have come to realize that when I do this the situation can quickly get out of hand. Things are blown out of proportion because I have gone to other people for discussions I shouldn't be having with them. Feelings of resentment start growing by the day and everything this person does seems like it is aimed at me even when in reality it is not.

As much as it sucks to admit you are wrong because it is an issue of pride and humility it is always the best remedy especially for the relationships that matter the most to us. So what should we do. First I think we should practice apologizing immediately. Just deal with the issue asap instead of letting it grow and become a conversation that may start something like 'I can't take this anymore'. If you are a christian then this should be something you practice frequently. Why? Because we all say and do things to other people that we shouldn't.

Second talk to the person you have to apologize to directly. Don't have those side conversations with other people. They tend to make you forget you were the one who was wrong in the first place. Also go in humility don't be all defensive saying things like 'I'm sorry I yelled at you but it's your fault I was so mad'. How is that an apology? Admit to yourself that you did something wrong and then humble yourself to own it and apologize fully for it.

As my week starts off today I hope I remember to use these words like I truly mean them. Let's reconcile with the people we need to reconcile with. Start showing them your respect by apologizing when you have hurt them. Enjoy the week ahead friends.

Listening is loving....

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