Paris, France

Soooo after we got out of Barcelona we headed to Paris for the last leg of our trip. By now we were tired but really excited to see the city of love.
The first day we took our bags to the hotel and immediately headed to Sacre Couer.
 The views from here are amazing so head out there buy a bottle of wine and seat with the crowds and enjoy the sunset.

After hanging out for a while we headed home to relax and enjoy Paris at night. The next day we had booked the Bigbus Tour of Paris. We chose to buy the 2 day Paris pass which has so many options with it and includes so many museums so you don't have to think about buying them individually.
Also if you are short on time this is a good option. It includes all the major sites, the big bus tour and a cruise on the Seine.
Tickets to the Eiffel Tower sell out months in advance so buy them here fast when you decide to go. We had tickets to the top and skipping the line was such a joy. People are forced to take the stairs because the tickets line are so long.
 A view of the Notre dame from the bus.
 Notre Dame
 Champs Elysees from the bus
 Inside the Arc de Triomphe
 View of Paris from Arc de Triomphe
 Arc de Triomphe
This beauty. We had tickets so we went up immediately.
Because ice cream : ).
 Views from the tower.
 So beautiful
Cruise along the Seine.
After the Eiffel Tower we went down Champs Elysee and shopped and shopped haha let me amend that we window shopped : ). Later on we took the evening cruise along the Seine.

The next day we took the train to Versailles. It is included in your Paris pass.
 Inside the palace.
 The gardens are so beautiful. We spent some time just walking around and admiring the creative cutouts.
 My lovely sister
Not sure what I was trying.
Next we headed to the Louvre.
 The Mona  Lisa

We went to the Jardin Tuileries i.e gardens of Tuileries and bought a bottle of wine and some snacks and just lazed the afternoon away.

That marked the end of our time in France after a few crepes and some of the best food I've ever had we headed back to Boston.

Stay tuned for Hawaii and our other exploits.

Listening is loving...

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