Men: How Archaic Is The 'I Was Trapped Excuse'? You Need To Get Over It!

Today's post is a challenge to men out there. I was talking to a friend of mine on the train and she brought up the issue of entrapment as it relates to women 'trapping' men by getting babies. I feel like this whole thought process is archaic, I mean seriously how does a baby trap anyone? In the old days when you happened to get a girl pregnant you were probably forced to marry her on the premise that you have a responsibility to take care of. That is how it should be. You have a responsibility for whatever you have sown. However times have changed and while you don't have to marry anyone you do have to take care of your child.

Now I don't think women set out to trap men unless they are really desperate and they have a twisted way of thinking that a man will stay because they have a baby by them. If the current trends are anything to go by anyone having a baby to keep a man should have a psychiatric evaluation. There are so many fatherless children in today's society. They are fatherless because their fathers are missing and not because they died or anything like that. These children suffer for the most part whether its financially or they miss that bond with a parent, it is the children that suffer. So anyone trying to say a woman had a baby to trap them should perhaps also get a psychiatric evaluation pun intended.

The argument that a man was trapped is filled with so many flaws. I mean come on, were you not a willing participant in the act that produced said baby? Someone explain to me how you were trapped if you knowingly did not wrap it. You took a risk and guess what, depending on whichever way you want to look at it you struck out. So why should your child suffer for your poor choices and please I don't want to hear the entrapment excuse.

If you buy a vehicle you sign up for all the risks that come with that car. You can't return it unless you are willing to pay the penalty. So if you are with a girl and you trust them enough to have unprotected sex then my friend no one trapped you. You were trustingly involved with someone. If for one minute you doubted their integrity or the risk of having anything come out of those relations was big enough that you were concerned, just like you would take out insurance on your vehicle you would have used precautionary measures. No one trapped you unless of course you are willing to admit that you are a fool who takes unnecessary risks that you are not ready to take care of.

Second you don't have to marry the girl who will have your baby. She is also an adult who went into this relationship knowing what the risks were. So please don't start the argument again that you were trapped. You can continue with life as you know it but if you have any decency or any sense of right and wrong you will take care of your responsibility. This is not a matter of choice. You have to take care of your child. You are obligated to take care of what you have sown. Who do you expect to be a father to that child? Who do you expect to stand in the gap that you have left?

If you think about troubled children or at risk children you will see a trend. They don't have stable homes because they are missing a parent. They have been raised by single mothers and we applaud these women for the outstanding work that they do. However something is missing. These children are acting out because some of them do not have a role model/father figure. Our men need to step up to the plate. They need to take care of their children and stop hiding behind the 'she trapped me' excuse. You don't have to even have any type of relationship with the mother but you need to take care of your kids.

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