Does Your Person Make You Better?

I know that love has many faces and it's certainly shown in so many different ways. The thing about love is it is so easy to spot there is no guessing there are no ifs, when you see it you know it. If you are a HGTV fan then I'm sure you watch fixer upper and you know Chip and Joanna Gaines. This couple gives me life! They have that love that goes deep, watching them gives you that good feeling on the inside. There is hope friends.

You can't help but pray that you find the one. I know you can always settle down with a decent person but what if you are one of the lucky few that gets to find the one, that special someone. The happiness that this couple has is palpable, you seriously just want to be around them. Love does that I think, it makes people shine. If you have ever been around people who have something special you feel a sense of contentment about them.

As usual when I see things like this the wheels in my head start turning and I can't help but think 'relationship goals'. I don't think there is a formula for meeting the one and there aren't ten steps to finding love, we have to thank sweet serendipity for things like that.  Friends when you find someone who is the one you won't ever have to think about it like you will just know this is the one. I also don't think people like that are replaceable.

That special person isn't necessarily perfect but for you they are everything. Someone looking from the outside might wonder what you see in that person but for you they are perfect. The thing about being a couple is that two become one DUH right : ). Two imperfect people come together and become this force that you have to reckon with. When you look at the Gaines it's so evident. Joanna has a way about her and Chip well Chip is just Chip but together they are perfect. If you met Chip without Joanna while he certainly has his own thing going he just wouldn't have the same charm that he has when he is with her.

The same goes for Joanna. I think he grounds her. He is perfect for her and that is what your partner should do for you. They should make you shine and bring the best out of you. So all you couples out there, what does your partner do for you? Are you that girl who is always fighting with everyone  because you can't trust your man? Are you the guy who can't seem to be content with the one you are with, you are  constantly stepping out on your girl. Are you always fighting with your partner because you're trying to make them into something they aren't?

Those are signs that maybe you are not with the one. Your person should complement you and make the best things about you shine. You should be able to achieve your full potential when you are with the right person. They should challenge you to be the best version of yourself. Instead of strife and heart ache choose happiness and peace. Choose and wait for the one who was meant for you.

Have you heard the lyrics 'I'm a movement by myself but I'm a force when we are together. Baby I'm good all by myself but you make me better' well there you go. If being with someone deems or haults that movement all together then you need to reevaluate.

Listening is loving....

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