Do You Send Bible Verses Instead Of Engaging In Real Conversations?

I was thinking about some of the group chats I'm in and sometimes I just want to laugh at the conversations we have or perhaps at the conversations we don't have. Not because its funny but because people like to send verses from the bible or talk in lingo that might as well be Greek. Remember how you would get forwards on yahoo of christian messages and stuff like that and you would delete them before you even read them, that trend has no jumped on to whatsapp.

Sometimes I open my whatsapp and I have like 30 messages and they are all verses from the bible and stuff like that. I'm not saying that they are bad and if that kind of thing helps you then that's great. For me though it's like come on another quote and more often than not I don't read them. I know the senders mean well but it's a random verse and some explanation follows and honestly I just skip over them.

Why do people converse like that? I sometimes feel like I'm in a Philippians time warp kind of thing where the conversations which were primarily letters have become daily conversations like grace and peace be with you instead of a simple hi. I'm going through a tough time please pray for me instead of saying I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. People mean well but sometimes I can't help an eye roll. Recently I saw something like 'you will enjoy the fruits of your labor'. Who talks like that? How about good job, keep up the good work, I wish you success.

I get that we are Christians and that we should spread the word in any way possible but folks can become over bearing. I like to compartmentalize things and that means that everything has its place. If it is a chat that is primarily intended to go through the bible then have at it, quote away. But if we are friends checking up on each other then it gets a little too much when people talk like that. I almost feel guilty throwing in a joke because someone might take it the wrong way.

I think knowing Jesus is wonderful, it's pretty much the best thing that a person could ever have. I just feel like people take the 'Jesus chat' a little too far. When someone is trying to share something with you please stop and listen instead of throwing the bible at them. Give them solid advice and if you happen to include a verse from the bible fine but the point should be to give constructive advice. If someone just needs to let off some steam let them. Real conversations create real bonds.

If you have this habit I dare you to have real conversations. If that means saying something like 'today we are discussing the verse above' good at least then, people can actually really talk. I am all for taking a verse and discussing how it relates to you, in that way we are engaging in a mutually beneficial conversation. Rather than having a random verse thrown at you by stating clearly we are discussing bla bla bla there is some relevance because now we are actually exchanging ideas.

Listening is loving...


  1. Hi Shiru, I think I see where you are coming from with this but I feel like it all depends on where you are looking at this from and who the people are that you are talking to. Honestly I will take a 'grace and peace be with you' anytime over 'have a good day'. not that I will value less the person that wishes me a 'good day' but I know how much more peace and grace are worth. When you know who Christ is to you or want him to be in your life, it does not matter what time of day or in what context of conversation He is brought up, he is more than welcome. In one of your other blogs, you wrote that we should seek him now when he is available because there will come a time...................With technology today it is inevitable to have conversations like those. Look at it this way, rarely do people pick up their phones and call each other, we have all deviated to texts and emails (not even), therefore it might be the only minute I have to tell you that "I can do all things through Christ".

    1. You have a very valid point and you are right it does depend on how you look at it and who you are talking to.
      We all speak from the abundance of our hearts and Christians will inevitably talk about Jesus.
      Thanks for bringing this up.