Brush That Dirt Off Your Shoulder

Remember a few weeks ago I had a post about the condition of our hearts and how it dictates our actions and pretty much everything we do? Well I am constantly finding that where you set your heart and mind really does impact your life every day.

I use public transportation to get to work everyday and needless to say I see the most interesting characters for lack of a better word. When you take the train and the subway you see it all. There are those selfish people who won't move to give you space, then there are those people who take up two seats and you want to ask them if they paid more, then there are those obnoxious people on the phone or who those ones that have loud conversations like they are in their own backyards, you have the junkies who can hardly stand up see it all.

After a week and a half off I came back to take the train to work on a cold Monday morning and my threshold for all this stuff was just gone. Straight up gone. The woman who doesn't cover her mouth when she coughs or the guy besides me with bad breath were annoying the hell out of me. You know you are at your limit when you score a nice spot on the train but you are willing to give it up because of the person seating next to you. I wanted no part of it and I considered moving and taking my 'perfect' little self somewhere more conducive for my comfort.

Then it occurred to me that the reason why this stuff was bothering me more than usual at least was because of my own weaknesses. Sometimes it's not so much about what the other person does, it comes down to you and how you react to them. Usually it is not a reflection of the thing or the person in question, it is rather a reflection of you. We have to learn to brush the dirt off our shoulders.

Let me explain. If I used the filter that I am always talking about to sieve out these intrusions then they wouldn't really bother me. The woman who can't seem to cover her mouth when she coughs would be a nuisance that I could tolerate without being overly offended. I get angry at myself when I allow a fellow commuter to disturb my peace. Why? Because they probably have no idea that they are annoying me and also because it is such a small part of my day I should be able to come out unscathed.

So you see sometimes how you react to certain things is really a reflection of you. I look at people sometimes and how they get so worked up over minute things, little things that are of little consequence and I wonder 'what is going on there?' It has to be something that is in them. Has someone ever said something to you that made you actually pause and wonder 'what just happened?' That's because it has nothing to do with you, it is a reflection of them. Or maybe you were the culprit. You did or said something to someone that was just so out of character for you that the other person asked you if you were okay instead of getting mad at you. Get my drift. It is a reflection of you.

As we go into the weekend I hope we remember these little things before we snap at someone or disturb our own peace. Choose to see things differently, where you actually speak loudly to yourself and say 'This isn't going to bother me' or 'I am better than that'. I'm sure you have heard or read the words 'get behind me Satan' well sometimes that's what it comes down to. You may need to walk away from something, you may need to hold your tongue, you may need to say something just make sure it doesn't go against who you really are because you are reacting to something you have no control over.

Remember what comes out of you whether it's something you say or do, it is a reflection of who you are. You are allowed to react like any reasonable person would given the situation but at the end of the day you should be able to stay in control. Govern yourself my friends and stay cool : ).

Listening is loving...

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