Are You More Than Average or Are You Sleep Walking Through Your Life?

Last night I woke up in a cold sweat and it wasn't because I had a nightmare or anything like that. It was because of the thoughts that had been running through my mind the entire day. Now this wasn't anything unusual because often when my mind focuses on something, like most people these thoughts spill over into my dreams.

I woke up with a question in my mind. The question being 'Am I more than average'. For someone with a type A personality this is the scariest thing that could happen. My pastor is always challenging us to be more than average. In other words to never settle for just being okay but to strive to be the best in every aspect of your life. This may be financially, spiritually, in your families, your health, your career whatever is important to you.

Financially this may be where you strive to have a balance. To be able to live within your means which also translates to avoiding debt. To be able to give because you want to and because you feel that it is your responsibility to help where you can. To be able to save for your future because it is the responsible thing to do. Being able to do these things in a successful way means you are more than the average person. Now this is not a test of how much income you have but rather how well you manage what you have.

In your spiritual life it may mean you have to stop being a lazy christian. Stop being the Sunday christian who only opens their bible when they are in church, Start working on having a relationship with God. Invest in the people you got to church with by making sure that they are also growing in their faith. In other words stop viewing your faith as being just about you, but start seeing yourself as a vessel that can be used for the gospel.

With your families it means being present. Investing in the people you love because that may be the greatest return you will ever get in this lifetime. Being more than average means that you not only provide financially but you also give yourself. Your time, your wisdom, your counsel the intangible things that only you can provide to your family.

Taking care of your body is so important. Don't let yourself go. The average person doesn't really care about how healthy they are. They are passive about their bodies and only care when it is too late. When the doctor tells them they have to step up their activity levels because they are damaging their hearts. So stop being average and commit to taking care of yourself. Work out three days a week, it won't kill you it might save your life.

When I woke up the coherent thoughts above were not what was going through my mind. I felt a burden in my heart to push myself in everything. I felt like I had been failing myself, like I was sleep walking through my life. That's a scary feeling. I do not want to wake up one day and wonder what I could or should have done better. I have to try now, like I always say, I have to be intentional with my life. Being intentional means conscious thought and action about being the very best version of yourself.

I hope we can all get out of our comfort zones and strive to be more than average in everything that we do. Being average really sounds bad doesn't it. So are you an average person?

Listening is loving....

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