5 Cheap/Free Things To Do As A Family Or Couple

The idea behind these suggestions is to get the opportunity to spend time together and also to be present. I'm sure you have seen a trend where people get home switch on their televisions, iPads or whatever but they never have real conversations. The ads with parents texting their kids to do something while they are in the same house are kind of sad. What happened to having conversations?

What happened to seating together and just bonding? The suggestions below are low key ways to bond with your family and friends. Stay connected friends it is so much better than being glued to your phone. Know your kids and be more accessible to them. Find ways to connect to people in real tangible ways. Be intentional with the time you spend with your family and friends.

Go to a park or zoo near you. 

As it starts getting colder and colder you are probably running out of ways to keep the kids busy. Being outside is such a great thing for the kids. It allows them to use some of that extra energy and also to interact with other kids. Bundle up and take the kids to a park near you and let them play tag football, ride their bicycles, swings whatever. Even if it is just for an hour just go out there and have some fun.
If you are a couple and there are no kids yet take a hike somewhere. Here are some photos of a hike we did with my friends and it was so much fun. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Walking is therapeutic haha you can discuss something with your partner as you walk and they won't have the option of walking away to another room. They will have to listen.

Cook together. 

Get in the kitchen and give everyone something to do. Pick a meal that everyone even the youngest person can be involved in like baking cookies, pizza, making pasta with meatballs. Don't be afraid to get messy just go with it and have fun. Make sure you take some pictures of your little helpers. If you are a couple get a nice bottle of wine and make a nice dinner. If you have no cooking skills try Blue Apron and just enjoy each others company.

Have a date with your friends at home.

If you have kids sometimes the idea of packing them up into a car and going somewhere is just more work than it's worth. So why not have a date night with your friends who have kids. It can be a fun date night where you can let the kids run loose and you and your friends can enjoy each others company. It is a lot cheaper than going out and you don't have to worry about your kids yelling or causing chaos in public.

Rent a movie and watch it together. 

This can be a toughie especially with kids but you can always find something that will keep everyone entertained. If you love Netflix find something family friendly. If it's just you two find something you like and watch it together. The time is what matters. That feeling of togetherness.

Play games together.

Whatever games you have in mind just play them. From monopoly, cards, Nintendo, Xbox just find something fun to do together. Games I have found reveal things about people. From competitive people to people who are fine to just let it slide. They also fill the house with laughter when they get silly.

Listening is loving....

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