Do You Send Bible Verses Instead Of Engaging In Real Conversations?

I was thinking about some of the group chats I'm in and sometimes I just want to laugh at the conversations we have or perhaps at the conversations we don't have. Not because its funny but because people like to send verses from the bible or talk in lingo that might as well be Greek. Remember how you would get forwards on yahoo of christian messages and stuff like that and you would delete them before you even read them, that trend has no jumped on to whatsapp.

Men: How Archaic Is The 'I Was Trapped Excuse'? You Need To Get Over It!

Today's post is a challenge to men out there. I was talking to a friend of mine on the train and she brought up the issue of entrapment as it relates to women 'trapping' men by getting babies. I feel like this whole thought process is archaic, I mean seriously how does a baby trap anyone? In the old days when you happened to get a girl pregnant you were probably forced to marry her on the premise that you have a responsibility to take care of. That is how it should be. You have a responsibility for whatever you have sown. However times have changed and while you don't have to marry anyone you do have to take care of your child.

Wisdom Is More Precious Than Jewels

I read these words in a devotional, 'Wisdom isn't knowing all the answers, it's knowing what's important and walking in light of that.' When you read these words you have kind of like a duh moment in the sense that it seems so easy to do and so intuitive. You know what you need to do and therefore it follows that your actions will always follow that knowledge. Friends isn't it true that knowing what we ought to do and doing what we ought to do are two very separate things?

Are You More Than Average or Are You Sleep Walking Through Your Life?

Last night I woke up in a cold sweat and it wasn't because I had a nightmare or anything like that. It was because of the thoughts that had been running through my mind the entire day. Now this wasn't anything unusual because often when my mind focuses on something, like most people these thoughts spill over into my dreams.

5 Cheap/Free Things To Do As A Family Or Couple

The idea behind these suggestions is to get the opportunity to spend time together and also to be present. I'm sure you have seen a trend where people get home switch on their televisions, iPads or whatever but they never have real conversations. The ads with parents texting their kids to do something while they are in the same house are kind of sad. What happened to having conversations?

What happened to seating together and just bonding? The suggestions below are low key ways to bond with your family and friends. Stay connected friends it is so much better than being glued to your phone. Know your kids and be more accessible to them. Find ways to connect to people in real tangible ways. Be intentional with the time you spend with your family and friends.

Why You Should Have a 401K Plan

Today I am wearing my accountant/financial planner hat. I have so many friends who don't have a retirement account. I have never really understood why they do not jump on this because it is FREE money. Yes you work for someone and they give you something extra when you sign up for their 401K plan.

Here is how it works. If you work for a company that offers a retirement plan as one of their benefits please go call Human Resources right now and tell them you want to sign up. If you are super skeptical then start with maybe 1% of your salary, that's peanuts and I will argue this until I am blue in the face. You can spare 1% of your weekly or biweekly check.

Your company probably matches you 100% up to 3% that means as long as you have signed up your company will contribute whatever you contribute up to 3%. So if you start doing 1% and your company matches 1% then you will not lose that money because your company will match your contribution.

Then now comes in the beauty of it COMPOUNDING INTEREST.

I will attempt to explain to you using chart below from JP Morgan.

Stop Wishing Your Days Away

Good morning good people. How are you all this fine Wednesday. Doesn't it seem like the days are going by so fast? You wake up on a Monday and then before you know it Friday is here. I remember a few years ago a co-worker of mine told me that I should stop wishing my days away. This was after I had told her in a sad voice 'Is it Friday yet?'.

We Are Filled To Be Emptied

Hey everybody how are you doing this cold morning? Sadly the summer is long gone and it's starting to get chilly out there. It reminds me of the seasons of our lives. As summer turns to fall and the leaves are falling it's a reminder that soon we'll start getting mountains of snow brrr!!!

Does Your Person Make You Better?

I know that love has many faces and it's certainly shown in so many different ways. The thing about love is it is so easy to spot there is no guessing there are no ifs, when you see it you know it. If you are a HGTV fan then I'm sure you watch fixer upper and you know Chip and Joanna Gaines. This couple gives me life! They have that love that goes deep, watching them gives you that good feeling on the inside. There is hope friends.

Brush That Dirt Off Your Shoulder

Remember a few weeks ago I had a post about the condition of our hearts and how it dictates our actions and pretty much everything we do? Well I am constantly finding that where you set your heart and mind really does impact your life every day.


So yesterday while I was writing about saying sorry more often it occurred to me that with apologizing comes forgiveness. That's another difficult thing to do (it seems like lately there have been many difficulties : )). To forgive means letting go of your anger and entitlement. As much as saying sorry is hard I think accepting an apology is just as hard.

Saying 'I Am Sorry'

Saying sorry is one of the most difficult things to do, isn't it? I find that bringing myself to admit that I have wronged someone or that I have caused them some hurting is just about the hardest thing for me to do. It is admitting that I am less than perfect and it essentially means humbling myself enough to admit it to another person. I don't see enough people standing up and owning their wrong doing. It is just not easy with out egos floating around.

Say 'I Love You' More Often

Why is it so hard for people to say 'I love you'? Not in a friendly context but within the confines of a more than platonic relationship. People just don't say these words often enough.

The Different Levels Of Singlehood

So I've been thinking about the different levels of single hood. Every time I fill in one application or the other the box single or married always comes up and I think to myself yeah I am a lone soldier out here as I check off the status section.

Paris, France

Soooo after we got out of Barcelona we headed to Paris for the last leg of our trip. By now we were tired but really excited to see the city of love.
The first day we took our bags to the hotel and immediately headed to Sacre Couer.
 The views from here are amazing so head out there buy a bottle of wine and seat with the crowds and enjoy the sunset.

In The Pursuit Of Happiness

Hey everyone it's been a while since I last posted....reason I went on a little vaca and now I'm back bummer!!!! In all seriousness thanks for reading my blog and spending your precious time with me.