Venice, Italy

We arrived in Venice all excited because we were in the city of beautiful canals and really beautiful buildings. The weather wasn't cooperating and it rained for most of the time we were in Venice. We didn't care it was still just nice to be there and enjoy the moment.

We stayed at Venezia Marghera which was a bus ride to Venice. I couldn't find any affordable hotels in Venice that looked decent. They looked old and you were really just paying for the location and not the amenities. At this hotel we had clean rooms, wi-fi, free breakfast etc Also it was close to the airport which was important because we were flying to Spain after Italy (bargain airlines are just awesome).

There were some nice restaurants near the hotel and we enjoyed some really good food. We stumbled on a bar that's literally a hole in the wall and we had the best time ever.

We took the bus to Venice and then a water taxi into the city of Venice (doesn't make sense but once you get there you will understand : ) ).
Gondolas and beautiful canals.


As you can see it was just grey grey grey but we were in Venice!!! So who cares.
After walking around we went to Palazzo Ducale which is gorgeous.

 Such detail.

Some of the original infantry that they used was displayed in the palace.

Being Christian I couldn't help but appreciate the beauty of this painting.

We viewed Basilica San Marco from outside. Once you have been to a couple of churches in Europe you realize they all have the same theme so we opted not to go inside.

The panorama captured the Basilica in all its glory.
Even with this weather people still came out in huge numbers. You really couldn't resist the charm of Venice.
Rialto Bridge

 These green ponchos sucked for photos but we stayed dry!!!

St Mark's Square (Paizza San Marco)

I hope this video plays : )
Finally we left Venice on the water taxi heading to Spain the following day!!
View of Venice from the water taxi.
One last chance to get the bridge.

And Venice we bid you goodbye.

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