Montserrat, Spain

After hanging out in Barcelona we set off for a day trip in Montserrat. The place is breathtaking. Now you'll hear people say it is a tourist trap but if you take the hikes and take your time to enjoy the scenery it is totally worth it. The mountains have an interesting shape some of which Sagrada Familia is based on. Also the boys choir is a wonderful detour to take if you happen to find them performing.

As you can see the pictures were breathtaking and these don't even do this beautiful place justice.
 The boy's choir.

Below is a video of the boys choir.This is not a professional video and the church was packed in anticipation of the choir. Getting a spot to stand and hold the camera was quite the fit but their voices were just as beautiful.

After listening to them we headed back to Barcelona to enjoy the city for the last day because we were heading out to Paris!!!

Listening is loving...

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