In the Meantime Seasons

Sometimes we go through 'in the meantime' seasons when the only alternative we have is to trust God and to have blind faith. I'm sure we have all gone through seasons in our lives when God seemed distant and just really quiet. Or maybe you are just in a place in your life where something needs to change and you can't find a simple solution. Your only option was or is to pray and hope that whatever God's plan is His plan will end up favoring you.

Thinking about the story of Joseph makes me realize without a doubt that everyone has in the meantime seasons. If you aren't a christian you should read the bible for entertainment at least it has the Game of Thrones beat seriously : ). This guy gets sold into slavery by his own brothers and he goes through a season of suffering. Then he becomes an equal with his Egyptian master who shares everything with him besides his wife. He lives like a king for a while there enjoying all the benefits that come with being on the same level as your boss. He was basically second in command. 

Then as with most stories in the old testament life happens. His master's wife sets him up because he refuses to cheat on her husband with her. We are told that Joseph was easy on the eye so I can just imagine the master's wife eyeing him.  So after setting him up his master is disappointed and realizes even as much as he loves Joseph he has to punish him. This is where you wait for God to strike and for justice to be served. But none of that happens he goes to jail for a crime he didn't commit but in the meantime he serves God. 

I think Joseph realized that our ways are by no means the ways of God. If we accept that everything is in God's plan and that God has some pretty unorthodox ways of fulfilling His plan we can rest easy knowing it shall be well. I say they are unorthodox and even to me that sounds like I'm dissing God because He is all knowing. But you've got to wonder why all that suffering in various stories in the bible?

Have you ever noticed that in the most difficult times of life we are reminded of God's infinite power. When we are so vulnerable we let go and truly allow God to do His work. Many people will tell you that in the end God's plan is the best. So when you are in these tough seasons say 'in the meantime' I will pray or I will have faith. 

The road to greatness is not marked with easy steps and like any game the levels get harder as you become a master in them. Joseph's life was not an easy life this man had many in the meantime seasons but He had seen the greatness of God. Picture this as your story. God knows you are to become Pharaoh of a foreign nation. The only way to infiltrate this nation is to enter as a slave. You see all the facets of life from a slave, to a master, to a prisoner, to a get the picture, right? God ordered his steps. Makes for a good movie because this is a lot of drama but in every stage God had a plan.

I encourage you to have faith. We are reminded that God knows and because He knows it shall be well. Call it blind faith but as scripture says "I have been young and I have been old but I have never seen the righteous forsaken". Your in the meantime will end but you have to keep the faith.

Listening is loving.....

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