Experience Is The Best Teacher

Experience is really the best teacher isn't it. You live and you learn unless you are just a sucker for punishment. Sometimes the lessons are good and sometimes they aren't so good. The lessons that bring us down to our knees and pretty much change you forever. I sound a bit dramatic but what I'm trying to say is that we have had experiences that leave their mark. As you get older those experiences define the person that you become. They shape your character.

This thought crossed my mind when we were having a conversation with my friends. We were laughing at the girls we used to be and the things that we used to do. Remember when something so little could set you off so fast and you'd be on a rampage seeking revenge for whatever wrong had been done. Or the scenes you would cause in the name of making sure you had street cred. Such foolishness.

We laughed and we also had a few sobering memories because  we realized we grew up! Funny how that happens right? At twenty one everyone thinks they are grown but child you ain't seen nothing yet! I want to shout to my twenty one year old self 'It's not that serious'.  I'm probably not even grown if you asked my mother. She would probably say I have a couple of moons left before I can say I am grown. Experiences friends, give you that street cred we wanted so bad. My definition of street cred is being a survivor. Living life, going through the motions every single day and still being able to wake up and show up even when it takes every ounce of strength you have.

Can you take the resume of your life and see a learning curve which signifies growth? Where are the badges that you have earned through some tough lessons that you have learned through time? Life has a funny way of creeping up on you and you have to stop and take an inventory of your life. You have to ask yourself some tough questions and then there has to be some action on your part. You have to clean up that closet that is your life and remove any clutter. For some us all we need to do is seat back and enjoy how far we have come because the journey getting to this point in time was bumpy.

That is why you can never compare yourself to another person because you don't know what their journey is about.

Use the experiences that you have had to grow. Take stock of your life. You will make the same mistakes because you are human. Forgive yourself and move on. Life is progressive and only a foolish person remains stagnant. I think that enjoying life is a choice. Sounds quite presumptuous doesn't it.  But there are people who have had horrific experiences and yet they are so strong and happy. I do not know how they do it but they show us that it is possible to pick up the pieces of our lives that aren't good and make something out of them.

Friends what are you finding yourself thinking about as you take stock? How have your experiences changed you or shaped the person you are today? Are you finding yourself in a place where you know you need to change but cannot seem to make any strides? Most of all are you happy with the person that you have become? Would someone you look up to be proud of you?

Listening is loving....

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