Barcelona, Spain

After our week long stay in Italy we took a flight from Venice to Barcelona. Budget airlines are really the way to go. Needless to say we loved Barcelona so much we talked about moving there. A cab ride from the airport to our hotel Soho was hustle free. We got a really good deal and stayed in one of their terrace rooms with beautiful views of Barcelona.
On arrival we didn't waste any time and we set off to explore.

Las Ramblas
 I was doing the happy dance in my seat. The vibe in Barcelona is un-explainable. We felt like we fit right in.
 My sister.

Park Guell
We headed off to Park Guell and sadly we got there late so we couldn't use our tickets. Side note we used the metro and it was hustle free. Don't use cabs just get on their subway it is really easy to follow. For the park buy your tickets in advance to avoid long lines or just not being able to get in. The next available time was just so far off we opted not to go in.
We still got some great views of Barcelona and we walked around the free area of the park.
This guy being a goof ball.
We came across these musicians in the park and let me tell you their music was entrancing. The crowd behind me was testament.

Sagrada Familia
The main attraction that drew me in was Sagrada Familia by Gaudi. He was an architect who started working on Sagrada in 1882 and he died before completing this monumental project. His ideas were so ahead of his time it is really sad he did not get an opportunity to see his work completed.
Gaudi was hit by a car when he met his untimely death. This man had faith like you wouldn't believe. 
He read the bible and Sagrada is a dedication to the holy family. Each tower has a story to tell. From the birth of Christ to His crucifixion and to ascension.
If you are ever in Barcelona stop by. 
Everything from the lighting of the church to the materials used was thought off. It has all been put together to create a harmonious place of worship. There are different towers which are the different facades of the church. When you buy your tickets here choose one of the towers. We went to the nativity facade. I was deeply moved as I listened to the background behind Sagrada.
The light will be luminous. Harmonious lighting. Lighting in the church should not be too much neither too much or too little because it will blind the people and the blind cannot see.
(these were the instructions that Gaudi left)
Passion facade - blue to represent water on the right
Yellow to represent light on the left
Red shades in the middle to represent the resurrection
The window in the middle represents the nativity facade, poverty on the left and life on the right
I forget what they used for the harmonica but the sounds were just melodious. I kid you not. I am not using these words lightly (no one says melodious any more : )).
 This door represents the life of Jesus.
 The detail on this door is amazing. If you can zoom in, there are symbols sculptured on the door.
On top of the nativity facade.

We took a break after and walked around the streets before heading to another of Gaudi's creations.

Casa Batllo
This is one of Gaudi's creations that he designed for a wealthy family in Barcelona. Buy tickets here. It has been maintained well and the detail is just amazing. Gaudi was really ahead of his time.

Casa Mila

La Boqueria Mercat
The market is off Las Ramblas and the food and drinks are fresh and amazing!

We spent the rest of our time walking, eating and shopping. The paella is out of this world and a few of the Turkish dining places were just as good.

Next up Montserrat.

Listening is loving....

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